Never give up

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I am currently reading the book called Tsunami written by Satinder Bindra, CNN’s New Delhi Bureau chief.The book describes the real life stories of ordinary people who faced the Tsunami.I was inspired by one such story and would like to share it with my readers.

On that fateful morning, Father Sanders was at his orphanage which he runs for children at Navalaji Beach.Just then,his wife came running and yelled,”The sea is coming in”!.Father Sanders went out and he couldn’t believe what he saw.It was a massive 30 foot wave,black in colour stretching from one end of the beach to the other.It was like a thousand freight trains charging at you.There was no time to think.He got all the children onto the boat,under 10 seconds which normally would have taken atleast 15 minutes.The motor started in the first try.

With 32 people including 26 children,Father felt there was no point trying to outrun  the giant wave.He felt God asked him to turn the boat and face the wave.They headed straight towards the Tsunami.Father Sanders prayed continuously and had complete faith in God,whereas the others were in fear and pain.He believed that an invisible force held the wave back allowing him and the children dripping wet,but unscathed-to reach the town of Batticaloa.All of them were safe.

Father Sanders lost everything.Twently years of his life’s work.His orphanage was completely destroyed.But,he hasn’t given up and promised to “Rise like the Phoenix” to defeat what has caused him so much pain in his life.


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  1. Yes, corinne I'll surely recommend this book.It has some extraordinary stories of ordinary people.It's heart touching and inspiring.

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