I am a great animal lover, and I come from a family who owned many pets.We had two dogs,two parrots and one Hill Myna.So,I guess that’s where my penchant for animals comes from.I had a German Shepherd named Sally, who was highly intelligent and affectionate and I have very fond memories of her.

Pets like Dogs and cats relate very easily to humans.Especially,Dogs are profound and very understanding animals.Owning a pet has many advantages.It’s so soothing to see a pair of warm puppy eyes running towards you when you come back tired from work.It’s so comforting when your pet sunggles near you when you are all alone.It’s the best feeling in the world.

Research proves that dogs are great stress busters.They instantly change your mood and lower your blood pressure.Walking your pet everyday gives you the much needed physical excercise.Playing with your pet helps to shed those extra calories.Animals are not judgemental and give us unconditional love and they are the best companions to be with.

Owning a pet comes with its share of responsibilities however,the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.It’s a joy when you know how to take care of them.Animals are one of God’s beautiful creations, so let’s make the most of these beautiful creatures.I’d like to conclude with this quote.Until one has loved  an animal a part of one’s SOUL remains unwakened…!Happy petting.