Change means to take a new form.We’ve all heard the saying “change is the only constant in life”.This is so true.There is change all around us.A foetus undergoes changes in it’s mother’s womb right from the time it is formed..When a person changes jobs and joins a new company he has to face new colleagues and a new Boss.He has to face the challenge of working in a new environment.Life means change as it throws you into different situations.Hence,we should be open to the idea of change and embrace it wholeheartedly.
Change may not be perfect,but you can make it beautiful.We may often want to lead structured lives to avoid problems and unhappiness,but life throws us into unavoidable situations,that we are forced to change for the better.We must learn to go with the flow.There are many people who are not very open to the idea of change,and ultimately these people are left back feeling angry,isolated and frustrated.For example, some people like to control other people.They want them to behave in a specific manner.It could be a spouse,kid or a close friend.However,we should realise that this can’t happen as each one is born with his/her own personality.He/she will act according to what he/she thinks is right.We need to accept this fact of life and let go of the feeling of controlling others, and situations.
Certain changes in life leave us frustrated and angry.One way of dealing with life’s changes is by first writing down the problem or change that  is causing the pain.Find a perspective and try accepting the change.Add humor to life as laughing at the absurdity of a situation, makes us see the problem as funny rather than painful.
Life is changing rapidly and we are all part of this change.It brings progress.We need to embrace life and it’s changes and move with the flow.”The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,move with it and join the dance” ~ Allan Watts.