Essence of Music


I was enjoying watching my two year old son dance to the tune of  a Hindi song being shown on TV. I was surprised to see him keeping timing to the music.This made me realize that music reaches out to everyone big or small.It is an art and a great form of expression.Music has great power to transform anyone as a person.It can be very therapeutic.Sometimes when I sit alone and listen to a song,I realize that I’m benefitting from the therapeutic use of music listening.Personally, I feel that there’s no better way to kick start your day than listening to your favourite songs.It gives you a positive energy and just the right start.
                                                                                                    Music can take us a to a different world altogether.It can take you through different levels of emotions and feelings just like a wave.It relaxes you and eases you of stress,burden and pain.It’s most comforting and soothing to the soul and can do wonders to your health mentally and physically.I like all kinds of music.Each category of music has it’s own uniqueness like classical,Ghazals,rock,Hip -Hop,Instrumental and the list goes on.The artists in this field who have inspired me are Elvis Presley,John Lennon,Michael Jackson,Jagjit Singh from yesteryears to Akon,Lady Gaga,Enrique Iglesias and Adele of the current generation.

Music is used to by several artists to propogate love and world peace and binds people belonging to different countries,langauges,religions.
I truly, salute all these artists for creating beautiful songs and music and making a difference in our lives.I’d like to conclude with one of my favourite songs – Heal the world  by one of my favourite artists Michael Jackon. Hope you all enjoy it.



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