Shame !

The shamfeful  incident of a young seventeen year old  girl, molested by a group of twenty men in Guwahati has shocked the whole country.She attended a birthday party with her friends at a city bar. A group of twenty ruthless men attacked her when she came out.They molested her for about half an hour before the police reached the spot.Some of the men are arrested.The video of the incident has gone viral and the police were forced to take immediate action.This incident sent shivers down my spine.What a shame !!I was really disgusted to see the barbaric video on television.How can anyone be so shameless,ruthless and evil ?


According to police sources she attended the party with a friend and subsequently they had a brawl.They were asked to leave the bar by the security.Taking advantage of the situation, the group of men attacked her when she left the bar.No matter what the situation is,no one has the the right to molest a girl in public. There have been several incidents like these that have taken place earlier.Like the Jessica Lal murder, where Manu Sharma son of a politician shot Jessica as she did not provide him liquor.Movies like “No one killed Jessica” have been made on such real life stories where women have been   victimized and targeted by egoistic and coward men.But there seems to be no change in the attitude of these men and our society still seems to be largely male dominated.


The police should take immediate action and catch the culprits as soon as possible.They should be put behind bars for life and strict laws must be implemented.Women need to follow safety precautions for their defence while venturing out. Cases like these are on the rise in India.This incident has raised a serious question ?Are women in India safe?The assault took place in public and bystanders stood mute.Is this our INCREDIBLE INDIA??This is going to have a very negative impact on the girl’s psyche, a scar that she may not be able to forget easily.


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  1. I completely agree… there is a saying in Sanskrit, the place where a woman is not respected there happiness can never dwell.. Maybe we are seeing the resulting chaos of all this deeds around us.

  2. Thanks Ash for reading the post.I agree with you that strict laws must be implemented to decrease crimes against women.We need to stand up against these cowardly acts.Thanks for dropping by.

  3. While I'm curious to know what a 17 year old (though some media accounts say 15)whether boy or girl is doing in a bar, she could also be just coming home from tutions when this happened. It's appalling.

  4. That's an interesting point corinne. I feel that there are no strict rules regarding the age limit in these bars in Guwahati and youngsters have easy access,and even if they are rules it is easily surpassed.

  5. Very well written Diana. Just want to say this – One wrong cannot give authority to anyone to commit another wrong. She may have been illegally in the bar, or she may have misbehaved etc etc, but a mob is nobody to teach her a lesson or to do anything they feel like. Whatever her faults, she didn't deserve this treatment. Its despicable, what these men have done. But let us also not even for a moment forget about the spineless by standers who watched on without intervening. Read this

  6. Yes, Anupam the mob had no right to treat her this way.As you said two wrongs don't make a right.Thanks a lot Anupam for the link.I've read your blog and left my comments and I must say that you've shared some great information in your blog which can be very useful for women.Cheers!!

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