Science Vs Religion


Recently, we came across the big news on Television of scientists discovering a particle quite consistent with the properties of the God particle.God particle is also known as Higgs Boson and scientists believe that on studying the properties of this particle we’ll get answers on how the universe was created.This news made me wonder will science ever conquer religion? Both science and religion are paths that lead to the truth.Science is based on facts, and logic whereas religion is based on faith and sacredness.The battle between science and religion has been going on since centuries.Some scholors say that science and religion are seperate and some say they are the same.Both are paths to pursue knowledge,but they use different methodologies.


Two things continue to fill the mind with ever increasing awe and admiration:
the starry heavens above and the moral law within”  ~ Immanuel Kant
Science is derived from the latin word Scientia meaning knowledge.Science has made a huge impact on our society.It has come a long way in the field of medicine.There have been some great scientific discoveries.We’ve advanced in the field of medicine,communication etc.There is a cure for practically  for every disease on earth.But the big question is despite all the progress in the field of medicine,will science ever conquer ageing? Will Science ever conquer death ?
 One of the major subjects on which both Science and religion differ is the creation of universe.According to religion,the universe was created by God.But scientists are working towards finding answers as to how the universe was created.Science has progressed so much but what baffles me the most is that despite so much of progress we still have to face natural calamities like the Tsunami, earthquakes,floods etc.We can’t seem to stop Global warming which is taking place so rapidly.As for me, I personally believe God exists and God will always remain one step above us in every respect.I respect every individual’s view on this subject,however I have tremendous faith in God and his power.Science Vs God,for many people the debate still continues….

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  1. I agree this is a never ending debate… I liked the way you have highlighted the differences yet managed to bring out the similarities between the two too!

    And yes I also very strongly believe in the existence of God!

    BTW I love your new blog…its nicely done.

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