Staying Single

There are increasing  number of cases of women choosing to remain single these days.Today’s woman has become more confident and financially independent.She is highly educated and works in the best corporate companies.She has spread her wings in all fields of work.Our society  always has been,  and still  has conservative ideas regarding marriage.The decision to remain single sometimes comes as a shock to the close family as being a housewife,taking care of the kids are still  considered largely as the woman’s domain.

Some don’t find it important to get married and take up the added responsibility of having kids and taking care of the family.They don’t find the need to lead restricted lives.Seeing to the needs of the husband’s family can sometimes be emotionally draining. Sacrificing the career for the wellbeing of kids is quite common as domestic help is not easily available. This means sacrificing one’s dream and ambition. 


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However, I believe in the institution of marriage probably because I have an understanding life partner and have a great family. What do you think ?Is it important to get married ? I would love your views on it.As for me, I leave it on the individual.It’s her personal choice

If we be doomed to marry, we marry; if we be doomed to remain single we do.” ~ Thomas Hardy


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  1. I believe that companionship is important in life but at what age/stage is something which varies from individual to individual.

    I am 28 and single. I enjoy it a lot, but yes I have a lot of pressure to get married and kind of feel awkward when I am looked upon with pity for not being married till now. Though it is a choice, people feel it is not.

    Yes when I see my biological clock ticking and people younger than me having happy married lives with kids and all its tugs my heart but only for a moment as then I realise I am not yet ready for all this. Firstly I need to be at peace with myself to be able to have a healthy married life and give a decent upbringing to children.When I myself am so confused about so many things in life, how can I add on to that confusion!!


  2. I agree a person should get married only when he/she is ready to do so.It should be a personal choice and no one should force you into it. Infact, a lot of youngsters are choosing to remain to single these days :). You should take your time 🙂

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