Born for greater things

It was a memorable day for me to meet my Principal and Vice principal after many years. I felt like a school girl once again.My conversation with them, centered around my school and the steel city where I was born. It was an  honour to receive the school souvenir which had beautiful articles posted in each page.

It was a  surprise to turn the pages of the souvenir and see the talent our school students possessed. I was taken aback  to see the beautiful posts and each topic covered beautifully. Some of the pages brought back old memories. I got to see a lot of familiar faces and it was nice to see some of my favourite teachers. Most of all I was proud to see our school building standing tall, a symbol of pride. The hills behind the school looked beautiful. A picture of serenity and a place which always felt like home.

I clearly remember running  through the corridors of the school with school friends and the distinct sound of our school bell. It’s true that school days are indeed one of the best days of our lives. I’m proud to be a Desouzan and I’ll always remember my school motto “Born for greater things”. This is my school Anthem “Make me a Channel of your peace”. Hope you all enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Born for greater things

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  1. I can understand it must be such an emotional moment for you… I am thinking whether I should try it or not..sadly I don’t carry any good memories hence never had the urge to go to my school 🙂
    BTW I loved this prayer…thanks for sharing.

    Something I needed to listen to today morning ❤

    1. Oh yes it did. I used to love this prayer in school and yesterday the entire day I was just humming this to myself 😀

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