It’s been a very cold,chilly and a damp day in my city of Bengaluru.This was very much expected, but the cold climate has already got me into the festive christmas mood.I know it’s a little too early to think about Christmas, but I guess that’s because its my favourite Holiday .Full of fun.

Since, a child I was fascinated by the colourful decorations on the christmas tree, the brightly lit shops and markets. Whenever we visited people the first thing that came to my mind was to peep at their Christmas tree. We always followed the custom of giving cakes and sweets to our neighbors during this time for which they used to anxiously wait. Christmas carols rekindle the heart and gives the perfect christmas feeling.Attending mass with family,wishing friends and gift giving are beautiful aspects of Christmas. I plan to buy a special gift for my son.I hope he likes it,knowing how choosy he is.

I’ve admired my Mother and sister baking cakes, but never tried  it myself. So, I’ve decided to bake some of my own and hope they come out well. I’ve planned to get a new set of Christmas decorations and choose a special theme and colour. Red would be great idea!. Attending the Christmas tree functions are fun,as you get to see the kids getting all excited to see Santa clause and anxiously waiting for their gifts.

I’ll surely miss my family members and close friends this season,but I’m sure the warmth and blessing of this Christmas and New Year will shower it’s blessings on my close and loved ones. So cakes,decorations,friends and fun. That’s what I’m looking forward to.Happy Holidays !!!