YUVI – an Inspiration

 Yuvraj Singh is back with a bang.It was a pleasure to hear the good news of his comeback in the field of cricket.YUVI as he is popularly known, is an all rounder and a charmer. A tight package of coiled strength. His flamboyant ways on the field  have always charmed the women folk. He was linked  up with  some of the most gorgeous women of the Indian film Industry. No one can deny the fact, that his efforts, had earned our country the world cup last year. He was the man of the tournament. Even while playing hard for his country’s victory in the world cup, he was not in his best of health,continuously vomiting and coughing. On one hand, he was enjoying the success of his  country’s truimph, while on the other hand, he was unaware that he was to face the biggest nightmare of his life.

Post India’s world cup victory, he was detected with lung cancer. Much to his family’s horror, a small golf -sized tumor was found over his left lung. It was a tough time for him and his family. “I am a brave boy and I will come out of this”.These were his exact words. His mother said that it was unbearable to  see him as he was in extreme pain. After struggling  for many months the tests later disclosed that the tumor is benign and not malignant. Yuvi emerged a true winner. During his cancer treatment Yuvraj was inspired by Lance Armstrong’s book “It’s not about the bike” and his battle with cancer. He had launched YOUWECAN a cancer awareness programme that help cancer victims to combat the disease.

Image courtesy : Google 

Being a young cricketer, Yuvraj has faced  a lot of challenges. He revealed that during the world cup he made a deal with God to give him the world cup and in return God  could take anything. His cancer battle has changed his thinking. He said that he often used to worry about his career and future. But now, he is just happy to have his life back and he is able to breathe normally. A series  named ” Zindagi abhi baki hai “capturing his journey and battle with the disease is soon going to be released  on Colors TV channel as well as a memoir   named “In different form” will be published. I’m sure he is going to surprise his fans with his bat in the days to come. Hats off to YUVI an inspiration to many and a true fighter.

Out of difficulties grow miracles ~ Jean De La Bruyere


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