Savita Halapanavvar

It was disturbing to hear the sad news of Savitha Halapanavvar’s tragic death. Savitha, who was a thirty one year old dentist, was denied the right to terminate her pregnancy. She got admitted in Galway University Hospital in Ireland on October 21st and she died on October 28th due to Septicaemia. This is a condition where the bloodstream gets poisoned due to an infection. This lead to a multiple organ failure, which eventually lead to her death. Being seventeen weeks pregnant, the Doctors informed her that she was miscarrying. But they did not terminate the pregnancy as the foetus had a heart beat and most importantly because of the law of the country which is strictly against Abortion.

It is sad that she had to loose her life because of a law of the country. I feel that the law should be clearly defined and there should be special laws and policies  for cases like Savitha’s. She had a serious medical problem which was life threatning, and infact, they eagerly wanted to have the child. According to her husband, she was on top of the world as this was her first pregnancy. Just because of a law, not only did they loose an unborn child, but also a mother. The loss of two lives. In such situations the mother’s life should have been given prime importance. Many Indians are dejected that  a young life had come to an untimely end. This tragic incident leaves many Irish women also in a vulnerable position.


Thousands of people have taken to the streets protesting. There have been candle light vigils. The Irish Government has promised to clarify the situation. There is certainly a gap in the Irish law and it’s high time the government did something about it.  We can only hope it changes it’s laws and allows termination when the mother’s life is at risk. I hope that Savitha’s family gets justice and may her soul rest in peace.


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  1. It is actually a very sad incident…makes us wonder whether the laws are made to protect us or to harass us. Even in our country we have some laws which are very weird I feel…

  2. It’s really sad and disturbing.I think the law needs to be more clearly defined. Special laws where the mother’s life is at risk should be implemented. Yes,and the same applies to certain laws in India as well.

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