Keep the Faith


It was a  shocker  to hear the news of  Monisha Koirala having cancer. Yet another victim of  the dreaded disease. Unbelievable!! It’s astonishing how people are becoming victims of  the disease at such a young age. Who could ever believe that a a beautiful and a twinkle-eyed  beauty like her could also fall prey to this disease ?  I remember seeing her first movie Saudagar. She looked fresh as ever.  Extremely beautiful and angelic.  Not to forget her successive hits after that.  She had created a niche as an actor and enjoyed her share of success in the Indian film Industry. Today she’s battling cancer. What a change of life !

In her last interview she stated that she was shocked to hear the sad news, and life is full of shocks and surprises. She said that she’s gratfeful for all the gifts life has bestowed upon her, and  it should be celebrated in all its forms. Monisha’s positive approach is inspiring. It shows her strong character and positive outlook. That is a great start. Hats off to her !!   She’s always known to be bold. It’s devastating  when a person comes to know that he or she is  diagnosed  with cancer,but she has taken it in her stride.

A cancer patient needs a lot of emotional support and care. Yuvraj Singh stated that he emerged a winner in the battle with cancer, because of his mother’s moral support. She was there for him right till the end. It’s nerve – wrecking for the person taking care of the patient as well. Especially, if the victim is a close relative or a friend. I personally know a cancer patient who is living a normal life just like any other healthy person. I am inspired by his enthusiasm and zest for life. He takes the treatment, and gets the necessary support from his family. He’s always happy, laughing and joking all the time. This has helped him to cope with the disease. Emotional support, positive outlook and the right treatment are  simple rules which he follows.

Monisha looked strong  and determined to fight the battle in her last interview. She is undergoing treatment in the United states of America. She will surely receive the blessings and wishes from her family, friends and her ever loving fans. I hope she emerges a winner just like Yuvraj Singh, with his battle with cancer.  I believe that miracles do happen, so good luck Monisha and keep the faith.

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