New year Resolution

New year

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The time has finally arrived ! The festive mood and spirit premeates the air. It’s that time of the year where people are busy shopping, buying gifts, decorating homes and making New year resolutions. People want to bid farewell to the old year, with some  good memories and some not so good. Time to bring in the New year with dreams and expectations. Everyone hopes for a better year.

It’s that time of the year when people look back and think what can be done differently. So, what is a New Year resolution ? It is a commitment. Some think that New year resolutions are meant to be broken. Well, the main idea of making a New resolution is to start with a positive intention. If you carry it out then good for you, if  it can’t be carried out then  you move on with the idea that atleast it was worth the try.

The common New year resolutions are

* To loose weight and take care of the health

* To quit smoking and drinking

* Improve self

* To get a better job

* To study hard and perform well in exams

* To improve finances

* To take a holiday

* To spend more time with family and friends

* To find love

* To take more photographs

* To be happy and smile more often

So we see that the list is endless !!

In my view the best resolution one can make is to be a gift to others. To bring a smile to someone and to make someone’s day.  Getting to know yourself and improving oneself can also be a good resolution. We can start now. The time is NOW !.To do this we need not wait for the New Year. So what do you think what can be the best New Year resolution?

If you asked me for my New Year resolution ,it would be to find out who I am ~ Cyril Cusack


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