A true Braveheart


Today is the last day of 2012. Time to bring in the New year, but not before remembering and paying tribute to our brave heart, popularly known as DAMINI, AMANAT and NIRBHAYA by the Indian masses. The greatest inspiration of 2012. A true symbol of strength and courage !

A twenty three year old physiotherapy student, who was gangraped and brutally assaulted in a moving bus on December 16. Words  are not enough to describe the brutality of the incident. She was later thrown out of the moving bus. She along with her male friend who was also assaulted, were found by a passerby and  taken to hospital.  She fought against all odds and lived for thirteen days after the ghastly incident took place. She wanted to live and wanted her perpetrators to be brought to justice. She spoke with actions. Such was her determination. The Doctors said that she showed an immense fighting spirit, though her condition was very critical. She finally breathed her last in Singapore on 29 December. This incident has evoked a world wide rage and has touched the hearts of millions. The  The greatest hero of 2012.

You showed immense strength

suffered in pain and agony

truly a great hero

you are our DAMINI

Your pain will not go in vain

This battle will be fought together

till our voices are heard

we will unite against this terror

You have been an inspiration

We will always remember

A true angel

remain in our hearts forever  ♥♥


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  1. I have been following this tragic and inspiring story in the news in the US. Interesting that two of the most inspiring people this year were two women, Damini in India and Malala in Pakistan, both of whom were attacked because they were women. I don’t think anyone can turn a blind eye anymore.

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