stop blaming and take responsibility !

A lot has been happening since we’ve entered the New Year. Most of the news is revolving around the Delhi assault.  Just the other day, Zee News channel aired the interview in which  ‘Damini’ s friend described the events of that fateful night, when they entered the bus. He said that after being snatched of everything they were thrown on a lonely stretch. Many people passed by, cars, auto-richshaws and bikes, but not one person came forward to help. The police vans reach after forty- five minutes. He also said that the police had some fight over which police station had jurisdiction. This caused the delay and they reached the hospital quite late. As soon as the the interview was aired the police registered a case against the Zee News channel.

Also several leaders and spiritual gurus have been passing judgements, holding women and the girl responsible for the molestation. Some blame women for dressing provocatively. If that is the case, why are women getting raped in villages where they are dressed modestly? Yesterday, Asaram Bapu – the famous spiritual guru stated that she should have recited her prayers when she was leaving home. He stated that she should have called the rapists ‘bhaiyas’ meaning brother. How does he know that she was not a spiritual person ? How did he know that she did not plead with them? He wanted her to call them Bhaiyas. Can anyone whose life is hanging on a string think of appropriate words to use in that situation ?

Meanwhile, Asaram Bapu’s  spokesperson also defended him. She said that she would never get into a bus where the passengers were only men. How does one know the number of people in the bus until and unless you enter it. It was only 9:30 pm and she had a male accompanying her. She was not alone. Our leaders and spiritual gurus should stop passing judgements and they should stop playing the blame game.  They should be a little more sensitive and accountable while passing such remarks. Don’t you think passing irresponsible remarks like these will only  encourage rapists ? We should stop blaming and take responsibility.


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  1. Totally agree with your views…every one wants to wash their hands in the river but no one wants to even make an attempt to clean the dirt that’s there in the society…

  2. I have said many a times and will say it again THINGS WILL NOT CHANGE till people change.. bring in as many laws and whatever

    TILL the people who stand their watching the TAMASHA change and take a step to stop things happening.. this will continue as it is always .. leaders and others well each tom dick and harry knows what and who they are , yet come election time we run around queing to vote for them again and all those who have made silly and stupid statements will YET again stand for elections and WIN..

    forget about the leaders they have never helped common man.. but what about the common man themself they dont help either

    as you say there were people on the road DID anyone stop NO

      1. It is our duty as citizens as well to take responsibility.We too need to change.I agree with you on this and therefore I have mentioned in the post that no one came forward to cover them leave alone helping. I also agree that we should vote for responsible people. People who are deserving. Thanks Bikramjit for your honest comments.

  3. Abslutly agree with u …no bdy evn botherd to pikup that grl whn she was lyng on th road..n now pepl need justic how funny….thy culd hv saved her…

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