Magical Childhood !


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As I  leave my son to the playschool, I see a lot of kids playing around and enjoying themselves. Laughing, jumping and totally unaware of the daily happenings of the world. Engrossed in their own fun and happiness. As  my son  joins the group, I  say goodbye and move on. This brings me back to my childhood days. A time and phase of life I really miss and will always cherish.

 Childhood is a period  from birth to adolescence. It is the period where maximum changes take place to our human being. When I recollect my childhood, I yearn to go back and enjoy the gala moments and fewer responsibilities. I enjoyed the company of my neighbourhood friends. I remember, everytime the power went off,  all the children of our colony would come out from their homes  with unbridled enthusiasm. Hide and seek was the game we enjoyed the most, especially when the power went off during the evenings.  The dark  surroundings  added more excitement to the game. Exploring new places to hide was exciting. Sometimes the terrace, sometimes our neighbour’s stairs. It was thrilling.

Sometimes we had potluck and each one would bring something special  to eat from our homes. We’ll  share and eat under the shady trees.  In the afternoons we would pluck guavas and  mangoes from the trees. The boys would gather to play football and cricket. It was fun watching them play.  I loved the smell of the mud, that the first drops of the rain brought along after moistening it.We loved peeping out of our windows and watch the raindrops lashing the doors and windows  of our homes. Sometimes we enjoyed getting wet in the rain. After the rain stops we would make little paper boats and let them float in the small water streams that form and  then follow their path.

 I was a part of a great school and  a cool group of girls. We were five of us ( Latha, Anuradha,  Dipty, Suprabha  and ofcourse me !)  We studied, laughed, joked, played , fought and had good times together.  We were popularly known as the “Five stars”. We are still in touch. Thanks to Facebook !
School days passed with recitations, debates, annual day functions, dance rehearsals, sports and studies.  It was fun bunking class for dance practices. It was a good feeling organizing dance and other cultural events in school. All of us would practice till we were dog tired. We would give it our best shot on the final day. This gave us a great sense of achievement.We loved the PT  period. We would swing, sing songs and play Basket ball. So fun, academics, dances, first crushes were part of school life.  When I look back, I  can confidently say that these were precious moments.

As children we  are always curious and eager to become adults. We love the freedom and independence that adulthood brings along with it.  We feel that we’ll have the power to do what we want. But things are not that simple,  isn’t it ? Childhood is a beautiful phase of one’s life.  No responsibilities, no decisions and no choices to be made. Although each phase of life has its own charm, but none can replace the innocence, fun, and genuine happy moments that childhood brings along. Every adult wishes to go back to those “Wonder Years”. I will never be able to bring back my childhood, but I can surely live it through my son and his amazing journey. Did you have a magical childhood too ?


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    1. Yes, Bikram nothing can replace the happy moments spent during childhood. I’m sure each one of us have something special to share and remember. Glad this post made you recollect your “Happy childhood days” 🙂

    1. Thanks Deepak. Glad you enjoyed the read. Childhood days are priceless and precious. It can never be forgotten. I hope you recollected some of your special childhood moments through this post 🙂

  1. so true Diana, I tell my 8-year old so often….enjoy your childhood, these will be the best days of your life. He looks at me with a hint of doubt in his eyes and I don;t blame him. After all we all went through this phase, didn’t we?

    1. Very true Mehroo ! I always wanted to grow up fast as I thought being an adult means freedom and I could do whatever I want.l know now that things are not that simple 😉 But we can relive our childhood through our children’s lives and enjoy their journey.

  2. Cute post! So many memories you managed to put it in the same article and crisp….Childhood is the best, both in active and lazy times…And of course no worries or responsibilities, the maximum being a small exam….Most of the things you have said, we have done….I too love the smell of earth during rains! 🙂

    1. Thanks Akash. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope it brought back some of your childhood memories. I’m sure you had real fun 🙂 Oh !! You love the smell of the earth during rains. Same pinch Akash 😀

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