Being a celebrity

Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis via Compfight cc

Most of us have dreamt of being famous, once in our life time. Many of us want  fame, fortune and recognition.  Many of us are fascinated with the  Glitterati world.  We all love to be famous, don’t we? . We admire the high life style that the celebrities and public icons lead. The plush cars, luxurious homes and lots of fan following. But is it easy being a celebrity? Is life a bed of roses after one achieves stardom, fame and success ? Let’s see !

To be famous means to earn a lot of respect. You are looked upon as an Idol.  Celebrities earn a lot of money, wealth and fortune. They live a lavish  life style and become an inspiration to many. The celebrity status  can also be used to bring about changes in the society.  Any celebrity be it an actor, a musician, a sportsperson or a Politician, they have a great influence in the society. They all have worked hard to achieve this status and lots of effort and hardwork goes into this. It’s not easy !

Now, let’s look into the negative aspects. When you a become a public icon you are continuously in the limelight. Every move is observed. You loose your freedom to move around freely. Hundreds of fans are eagerly waiting  to stalk and mob you. So, freedom is lost. It becomes very difficult to keep your life private.  Certain gossip magazines and gossip Television channels are waiting to drag you into every single controversy and scandal. False rumours are spread.The Paparazi are always behind you.

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop and he contributed so much to the music Industry with his songs, dance and showman ship. He gave so much to his fans and he was also a great Humanitarian. He was popular for his charity work. A legend and a dynamic personality ! But even he was not spared. He could not handle the accusations and controversies that surrounded his life. Many say that his life changed after the accusations. It  can be mentally stressful. This is part and parcel of the glamour world. Privacy is lost !

  Celebrities have to work hard and take innumerable steps to keep their lives private. They have to constantly work hard to live up to the expectations and standards of the public. After all, it’s the public that makes you and it’s the public that breaks you. They have to be constantly conscious of their image. It’s highly pressurising. Everything and every word you utter is scrutinized and ten times analyzed and judged. It is not an easy road. Being a celebrity and being famous comes with a price.

On the other hand there are many who have handled stardom successfully. One such example would be that of Amitabh Bachchan ( Indian Film Actor). He came up the hard way and  climbed the ladder of success. A role model for many. He has maintained his stardom through the years and earned respect of  millions of people all over the world. Also today’s youngsters are handling fame and recognition more gracefully. They are well aware of the positive and negative aspects of fame. They are neither getting swayed by their immense success nor being bogged down by negative publicity. They are more grounded and rooted. I feel a correct balance between your personal life and professional life,  can help one handle success and fame.  Your personal value system and upbringing also play a major role.  Kudos to those who have handled it all and who have gone through the pleasures and pain of being a celebrity.

“People look at us head to toe, judge us, and think that we’re not human. We are. Nobody’s a celebrity but God.” ~ Beyonce Knowles


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