What makes a marriage tick ?

Photo Credit: Tekke via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Tekke via Compfight cc

Marriage a simple eight letter word, and  complicated enough to turn your world up side down. The world revolves around this age old institution. What is a marriage ? It is a union between two people, two hearts, two souls and in some cultures union of two families. A life long commitment with obligations towards spouse, kids and in- laws. If worked out well it could be the most beautiful relationship one could ask for.

We have seen the most beautiful marriages crumple down like a pack of cards, as in the case of prince Charles and Lady Diana’s marriage. The worst of marriages have survived the the tests and tribulations that comes along with it. So, what does it actually take for a marriage to work ? Some say Love marriages work better and some arranged marriages, but  we’ve seen divorces taking place in both the cases. Sometimes couples feel that the initial love they have for each other will be enough to sustain a life time. Promises are made and vows are exchanged at the altar. But this is not good enough. A marriage requires something more. The initial flame of passion, love and romance does burn out and to keep the love alive  efforts have to be put in.

1. Love : Love is the main ingredient to any marriage. If it is a love marriage then couples must keep the romance and passion alive and if it is an arranged marriage then one must discover it everyday and must develop love and affection for his or her partner./ Love must evolve and grow each day. Make your spouse feel important and loved.

2. Respect – Respecting each others views, feelings and opinions is very important. Differences are inevitable but it can be sorted out respecting each other’s feelings . There are some couples who blurt whatever comes to their mind without even thinking how his/her words are impacting his/her partner.

3. Love Yourself :   If you are happy with who you are, then you are comfortable with yourself  and your identity.  Only when you love yourself then you can learn to love others.

4. Communication : Keep the lines of communication open. One must be able to express themselves freely about a given situation. It is not healthy to keep your feelings pent up. Expressing freely lightens a stressful situation. There will be a better understanding between the partners.

5. Quality time : spending quality time together no matter how hectic your schedule is necessary. It  helps in creating a strong bond between the two.

6. Stand up for your partner : If an argument breaks out between your spouse and a family member it’s good to stand up for your spouse. It’s always the right thing to do especially for a wife as she has made a lot of sacrifices. She leaves her family, her friends, her home and comes and joins a new family. She feels vulnerable. She needs to know that her husband is there for her no matter what. When the husband does not favour her she feels let down as she has made a lot of sacrifices. It is a delicate situation. Your family will go easier on him/her and you will be highly respected for standing up for your partner. Never highlight your partner’s weakness in front of others. Never degrade your partner front of others. A complete No No.

7. Never take each other for granted : There comes a point in marriage when couples take each other for granted. The relationship is over the day that happens. The degree of attraction must be the same as it was at the start of the marriage. When a couple is dating  the relationship is given the utmost priority, but after a few years of marriage couples take each other for granted. Do not get into this rut. Constantly win the person’s attention and love. Never make your partner feel used. Prioritize work and always try to see to his/her needs first. Evething else should be secondary.

Complimenting each other, taking interest in your partner’s dressing, Hugging, kissing, public display of affection,holding hands.will only boost your bond with your partner. Taking the garbage out and taking it in turns to look after the kids will make your partner’s work light. Last but not the least respect for each other’s parents. These are the little things in life if taken seriously, it may help you to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary in the years to come.   Experiment and practice what works out the best. It is not easy but it is worth the effort and the joys and happiness we reap are manifold. Keep your marriage beautiful.

Love never gives up, never looses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance ~ Corinthians


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  1. Hi Diana, very true and I think you have summed it up really well, the first 4 points specially are the most important I think. Cause if there is no love and respect you cannot even go further. I will be forwarding to your post to one of my friends who is at a crossroad himself in this situation.

    By the way thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster award. It has motivated me to work even harder and does a great job of promoting starter blogs like mine. Do take a look at my post when you can, http://frommissindiatomotherhood.blogspot.hk/

  2. I agree with you Mehroo…Love and Respect are important ingredients for a happy marriage. We (women) understand this better than anyone isn’t it 😉 ? I’m so happy that you are forwarding my post to your friend 🙂 I hope the tips help his marriage and inspire him. I wish him all the best …You truly deserve the award. I could easily connect with your posts and I love the content and the subjects you choose. I’ve posted a comment too :)..Thanks for visiting Mehroo 🙂

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