BPO experience – I


I  took a long break  from work after my son ‘Aiden’ was born.  I have been at home since then taking care of him, at the same time I took the opportunity to experience  the pleasures and pain of being a new mother. Now, when I look back, I see that I have traversed a long road.  A journey which had its ups and downs. We all have dreams and aspirations as youngsters. We are eager and excited about the future. Having completed my graduation, I was eager to know what the future would hold for me. I completed my graduation in Visakhapatnam also known as the ‘city of destiny’.  One day I came to hear through my sister, about some  job interviews being held in Dolphin Hotel. One of the famous hotels in Visakhapatnam (Vizag). I was eager to attend the interview. The company for which the interviews were being held was a BPO in Bangalore. BPOs (Business process potsourcing) were the in thing during that period.

I remember that my Father, took me for the interview. I was a bit anxious as this was my first interview. There were a few others who were waiting patiently for their turn. Finally, my turn came and I had to face a round of questions. I was a bit nervous during the interview round, but I tried my best not to show it. Fortunately, I cleared all the rounds and got through the interview. My Dad was not too happy about the good news, as he knew that this job would take me to Bangalore, another city. It  also meant working at night. He did a complete background check about the company and the measures they would take to ensure complete safety for the girls. After he was satisfied, we were back home. The news was passed on to my Mother, who again was not too happy. My Brother and sister persuaded my parents, and they were finally convinced that it was okay for me to work in another city.

I remember boarding the train with my parents. Seema, Usha and others who cleared the interview were also travelling with me. The train journey was fun and exciting. I heard a lot about Bangalore and had a lot of expectations from the city. Finally, we reached our destination. The lovely weather and gentle breeze welcomed us. The company cabs were already waiting for us in the parking lot. We all boarded the respective cabs and were taken to the guest house. This was my first experience staying away from home. I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was happy that I was going to experience my freedom, and on the other hand I was sad that I was leaving behind my family. We got our respective rooms. My room mates were Seema and Usha. We had to stay here till we completed our training . My Parents stayed in a seperate hotel.

The guest house boarded a couple of other girls and boys, whom we got acquainted with later on. The next day we had our Induction. It took place in St. Mark’s hotel. There was a huge crowd. The Hotel was completely filled with new candidates who were to join the company. We were briefed about the company and we had to fill up a couple of forms. We were provided with a good lunch. That day flew very fast. The next day our training was to begin,the Accent training.

….. to be contd.


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  1. You know come to think of it people always were working in the nights,yet we never took notice.Remember the time you took the overnight train to a city? Who drove the engine in the night? Or the flight you took to go abroad ? Who flew the plane in the night? Or the soldier who guards the border in the night so that you could sleep, or the Doctor who came to your emergency operation in the middle of the night…

    So why this big deal and raised eyebrows when its a regular IT job? Yes it is difficult to work the nights,but then whoever said earning money was going to be easy?

    1. When BPOs had just entered India, I guess people wondered why girls have to work late at nights. Some never understood the concept that we worked at nights to match the US timings. The safety of women was one of the major concerns. So, thus the raised eyebrows. I agree with the rest of the points you’ve mentioned above….Thanks for visiting.

  2. interesting write…..njoyed reading it ..A simple and soothing1….I guess i had quite a lot of it but never thought of remembering it in this way…good jaab..

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