BPO experience – II


It was our first day of accent training. Our first day of stepping into the corporate world. As I entered the office,the first thing that attracted me were the plush interiors.  The walls were brightly coloured, and the corridors were lined with beautiful flower pots. The ambience was beautiful and  brightly lit. We received our respective ID’s and we moved to our training room. In the training room we were introduced to our team mates. I’m not sure if I remember all the names. So here it goes… Seema, Shivani, Amaan, Prem, Arvind, Roopam, Roshan, Garima, Srujana, Preethi, Ravi and the list goes on. Deepa was our trainer. The first thing that caught my attention about her, was her American Accent. She was a very friendly person and she interacted with us on a personal level. We were trained under her.

In the accent training,  we  were trained to roll our ‘ R’s ‘, and  stress on the  letters ‘ T ‘ and ‘ P ‘ while pronouncing words. We were trained  to improve our communication and soft skills. It was really amusing and funny to hear some of the  team mates pronounce certain words. Sometimes we would burst out laughing, as  it really sounded very funny. It was hilarious !  By far I think the Accent and linguistic training, was what I enjoyed the most during my whole BPO experience. I remember we used to get back to our guest house and practice speaking. We watched American programmes like ‘ FRIENDS ‘ regularly to improve on our accent.

After completing the Accent training, our process training began. This was serious stuff. Our process dealt with Telecommunication services. It dealt with everything that had to do with customer billing, customer service and sales. The process was quite vast and complex. We were trained to remove extra charges, give discounts under different plans, provide services, take payments and make sales. We were trained to nurture the business and customer relationship. We passed both the process and Accent training with flying colours. Meanwhile, I along with my room mates shifted to another paying guest accomodation. The PG consisted of around twenty girls. It was during this period we planned a picnic and our full team went to Coorg (Hill station in Karnataka). The bus journey was fun. We sang and danced during the journey. The weather and food in Coorg was fabulous. It was like experiencing college life once again.


  After all the fun, we were trained to handle calls. I was nervous when I took my first call. Fortunately, the caller was a gentleman and he spoke very politely. This boosted my confidence. We were trained to remain composed while dealing with irate customers, as the customers were not angry with us personally, but with the business and its services. Gradually we learnt to handle calls and make sales.

We were later placed into different teams. I got the opportunity to work under prashant for the Pioneer team and later under Shekhar  for the Titans Team. Handling the night shifts was very difficult.  Our complete Biological clock turned upside down. It was difficult to stay awake after 2 am. On one hand we fought our sleep, and on the other hand we tried our best to stay focussed on our customers and provide them with the best customer service. This was the difficult part. We soon overcame this challenge. Our body  got adjusted to the timings and we were able to stay awake till the wee hours of morning.  

The Floor was full of noise and energy. While taking calls, we  made paper planes and irritated one another by throwing it at each other. We were given a break from taking calls, when the call volumes were low . During this period, we played games, gossiped, listened to ghost stories. This was the fun part. Picnics were organized. I remember going to Kudremukh. We enjoyed the Team outings and company parties which were organized. Our company did spend a lot on parties.  The party held at Royal orchid was the most memorable one. We had dance programmes, modelling and other entertainment events. Plenty of  food, drinks, music and dance !

….to be contd


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  1. This sounds like fun Diana, when I read Chetan Bhagat’s book ”One night at the call centre” I thought call centre was all work and no play, so nice tio know the other side too. It’s fun to work in a team and best when you are starting new so there are no rivalries, no subordinates, just simple, pure fun! Reminds me of my Voltas days.

    1. Working in BPOs was fun Mehroo. It was difficult to get adjusted to the timings initially, but once you get used to the timings it’s OK.But I also heard that working in some BPOs can also be very stressful. Probably, I was lucky to have worked in good companies.It was more laid back in the latter company I worked for.

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