BPO Experience – III


 The work pressure in our company was rising and we had to work overtime. Overtime during night shifts was taking a toll on my health. After completing more than a year, I decided to move back to Visakhapatnam. It was like Heaven ! The warmth of my family,  the comfort  of home and home cooked delicious meals. What more could one ask for ? I came to know about the openings in a newly opened BPO ( HSBC electronic Data processing India Pvt Ltd) in Visakhapatnam. It was located in the central and one of the most beautiful locations of Visakhapatnam.

I remember entering the building  and the ambience was beautiful with plush interiors. The cafeteria was large and spacious. A part of the cafeteria faced the sea and it looked scenic.  The view from top was splendid, especially at nights as we could have a nice view of the city. It was our first day of training. We went through linguistic training conducted by our trainer Prajwal. This time we did’nt have to stress on the accent part. We were trained on customer service and communication skills. Mock calls, fun activities and games was a part of the training. I enjoyed the fun activities the most. My team members were Chandana, Kiran, Deepthi, Chaitanya,Ramesh,Vani, Sai and the list goes on.


After the completion of the accent training we went through the process training. Our trainers were Anamika and Anisha. The process was pretty easy and interesting . We  completed our training. We took calls on the floor and were placed into various teams. I was placed under Neha’s team and later under Sridhar’s team.  Our process dealt with credit card collections. It was the easiest process I’ve ever worked for. Call taking was fun as we didn’t have to deal with irate customers and most of the calls involved collecting payments.  Holding  converstion with the customers was easy.

We had a good set of Managers who were people friendly , headed by our Assistant Vice President Munnish Banbah. The atmosphere on the floor was laid back and more family like. The floor had a break area. To break the monotony of call taking , we could take a break and refresh ourselves by having  tea or coffee in the break area. This was refreshing  and most of us hung around here. R &R events ( Rewards and Recognition)  were conducted every month wherein the employees were rewarded for their performance. The best collectors of the floor were rewarded through certificates. This was accompanied by entertainment programmes like song and dance items, walking the ramp etc. I along with my colleagues Sunny, Ekta and her partner hosted one of  the R & R events. The rehearsals and practices were fun.

Team outings and parties were very much part of this company. I attended ones held at Green park Hotel, Ten Downing street Pub and Sandy Lane Hotel. Dressing up, looking our best and meeting  up with colleagues at the party was real fun. I enjoyed the dance and the music. The BPO Experience was one of the best and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. It never felt like a regular monotonous Job. I take with me memories of Friendship, and bonding.  These were moments that I would always cherish and remember forever.

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      1. It’s always good to work in happening place and happening people
        Vizag is my inlaws place and I loveeee visiting viz.specially as every spot has my husbands memories !!
        Good to know ur exp . U from viz ? And ya I miss my Infy when I read this ;(

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