True Soldier

Earnest Moses K Mohanty
Earnest Moses K Mohanty

We come across certain people in our lives who can be termed as ‘ Heroes ‘ or ‘ True Soldiers ‘ in real life. They can be in the form of friends, fathers, brothers , sisters and even strangers. One of the greatest heroes of my life undoubtedly, has been my father. He did several things, for me to come to this conclusion, but I’d like to pen down an incident  which made me look upto him as a real Hero. After reading this I’m sure you too would agree .

 My father worked for the Rourkela steel Plant in Orissa. We stayed in the steel plant quarters at that time. Our  family comprised of five members; my Father, mother, brother, sister and me. I remember one particular morning, we all were woken up by the screams of a woman. All of us were really terrified and in a state of shock. My father rushed to the backyard door and opened it. To his horror, he saw a woman completely on fire and  she was running wild in the backyard. There were people screaming and even the dogs  were barking and howling seeing the ghastly scene. All the neighbours had come out but no one came forward to help. No one had the courage and I’m not surprised, because a person on fire would evidently grab anyone who would come forward to help. Nobody wanted to risk their own lives.

My Father first shouted at the men who stood there doing nothing and then told them to get a blanket immediately. After he received  the blanket he rushed towards the woman to put off the flames. After the struggle,  he was successful in putting out the flames. When he saw her body it was in a state beyond recognition.  There was no clothing on her charred body as the clothes were completely burnt. There was no life in her. He then arranged for another quilt and wrapped her body which was now completely soft. After that he along with others made arrangements to send her body to the hospital to complete the formalities. 

Later we came to know that this woman was having marital problems with her husband. She had a troubled married life. That fateful day an argument broke out between the two which resulted in her taking the ultimate step.  My father stood up and came forward to save a woman’s life , risking his own. If  he had woken earlier, probably he could have saved her life. Not even her own husband came to  rescue her who stood there only watching.  My Dad did several things like helping friends in time of need, he donated his blood many times, but this incident by far was the most that touched me. He was a pillar of strength to his family and friends. He would go out of his way to help anyone in need. His humility, strength, courage and not to forget his smile as you can see in the photograph were his greatest assets.

I’m really grateful that I got this opportunity to write about him and  pen down his brave act. Though he’s not here on earth with us, I’m sure he’s reading this from up above, surrounded by God and his angels. His name was Earnest Moses K Mohanty. I feel that in these current times there are not many  who would risk their lives  and come forward to help anyone. But there are always exceptions.  ‘ True Soldiers ‘ still exist. I’m proud that he was my father and I’m proud to be his daughter.

‘ A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overcoming obstacles ‘

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  1. I am sure your father was as proud of you as you were off him.
    Great site. Clicked on it when I saw the paper boats, I loved that part of the year the most.
    I am from Bangalore but it has been a while.

    Just back from a holiday to the Greek islands, Paris and a few other European Cities.
    Watched a youtube link to the monsoons in Kerala last night, now the paper boats, I know where my heart is.

    Time to come back home for a visit.

    Thanks Diana

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