C – City of joy


The ‘ City of joy ‘ (Kolkata)  always fascinated  me since childhood. I thought to pen down a few words about it, after seeing the IPL (Indian premier league ) opening ceremony yesterday. I have many fond memories  and an old connection with the place as my brother stays here. I’ve visited the place many a times and I loved the laid back atmosphere and  the warmth of the people here.  The place has a charm of it’s own.

The ancient British heritage buidings had always attracted my attention. I remember travelling by the underground Metro train many years back and the experience was quite  thrilling. The trams are another attraction of the place. It moves very slow and infact, if you walk you’d reach your destination much faster. But all said and done travelling by it , is real fun and I’ve enjoyed the experience.

Kolkata Tram
Kolkata Tram

There are many site seeing places to visit  like the Victoria memorial, Birla Planetarium, Science city, Indian Museum, Nicco park and many more. When we speak of the city of joy, how can we forget the Howrah bridge built over the river Hooghly. It is one of the busiest and one of the best cantilever bridges built in the world. I also remember visiting a pub called Someplace else which is quite a popular joint here. I had a taste of some great latino and mexican music here. A very lively place !

Howrah bridge
 Kolkata is also known for it’s food and shopping. There are beautiful eating joints, one to beat another. Tengra is a great place for people who enjoy chinese food. There are a chain of chinese restaurants here. Many celebrities often come here to have a taste of  the delicious chinese food. Flury’s is another place to visit and it’s famous for it’s baked goodies. The city has plenty of malls like any other. New market is one Kolkata’s oldest Bazaar where you get a lot of handicraft products.

SomePlace Else
SomePlace Else Pub

There are many who don’t like Kolkata  for it’s  pollution and uncleanliness, but now the city has improved  a lot in that area. I saw a lot of changes during my last visit and I was quite surprised.  The famous movie  ‘ city of joy ‘  starring Patrick  Swayze was shot here depicting the life of the poor.  Kolkata  has always been a home to the rich and poor . No wonder it’s called the ‘ city of joy ‘ !  

This post is for A to Z April blogging  challenge “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013”


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  1. Have been to Kolkata many times for official visits and simply loved the tram and metro rides. The food is awesome too. A visit to the Howrah Rlwy Station at 5 am once gave me the shock of my life… it was so crowded at that hour! And have been to Kali Ghaat… was shocked to see the bank looked like it had water coming in from the city drainage system… it was black in color with debris floating around and people still bathing religiously in that!!

    1. Hi Shilpa ! very true the station is known for it’s crowds. I have’nt been to Kalighat, but knowing Kolkata I know that’s the truth. The city used to be very polluted earlier, but now drastic changes have taken place. The city is improved quite a lot in that area.

    1. Hi Corinne ! I’m sure you’ll like the place. There are many places to visit and explore here. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.The weather is beautiful during winters but summers are hot & humid. winters is the time to go.

  2. I have been only once to Calcutta, it was on my to Guwahati, I did not spend much time there, except i passed the Howrah bridge, and i had tea in a mud pot, which i found interesting. I did have people from my previous office getting me jute bags and cotton sarees from calcutta, it was really nice for summer. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Yes drinking tea in the mud pot is an interesting concept and I love it too Genevive. 🙂 My Mom wears cotton sarees too during summers and I love them too 🙂

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