Go green !

Being an outdoor person, the sight of the colour green is really pleasing to me. It changes my mood instantly and I love greenery, gardens and everything that has to do with nature. The sight of green vegetation and green trees is soothing and therapeutic to the senses, especially while travelling by road or train.

The green foliage and trees of Chikmagalur
The green foliage and trees of Chikmagalur

Even when we plan our Holidays we normally prefer destinations which are cool and full of greenery. The sight of the colour green instantly boosts the mood and gives a feeling of calmness. Many people nowadays  are opting the Green way of living.  Some prefer to have gardens and lawns at home. This way you get the pleasure of enjoying nature at home.  Seeing the green plants and flowers refreshes the mind. If the house is  small then many opt for container gardening, where plants are grown in small containers. This also adds beauty and grace to the house. Indoor plants also have a lot of health benefits. It keeps the air clean and fresh.

A amll botanical garden in Nandi Hills
A small botanical garden in Nandi Hills (Bengaluru)

Even corporate companies are choosing to go the green way. Many of them add indoor plants to the offices. It’s pleasing to the eye and does good to the morale of the employees working there.  The  names of a few top green cities of India are Chandigarh, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Shillong, Shimla and Dehradun.

The one below was taken in Manali.


It’s good to opt the green way of living and make small changes in our environment . Let’s be eco friendly, let’s go green.


24 thoughts on “Go green !

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  1. G always has been adn will be Green for me 😀
    The last pic especially is superb !!!! Someday I will have my retirement house there !

    you must post bigger pics !!! they just soothe the eyes that much more 😀

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