Kareena Vs Katrina

Kareena Kapoor
Spunky Kareena

Being Indians, Bollywood is an integral part of our lives and so all the Bollywood Hungama, gossips, rivalry, and rumours.  When we talk about comparisons, competetion and rivalry, the  battle between Kareena  and Katrina has been going on since long. Hot topic of the tinsel town !  Who is better Kareena or Katrina ? (Both Bollywood actors). This is a difficult question isn’t it. I hav’nt been able to decide who’s better and it took me some time to come to the conclusion.  

Kareena comes from a very influential filmy background,the Kapoor family. But that does’nt take away the credit of her talent and acting skills. She is the daughter of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita and sister of the famous Indian actor Karisma Kapoor. There’s no doubt that she’s a talented actress and she’s given a series of hits right from the start like Refugee which was critically acclaimed and now the very recent Bodyguard. She portrayed a sex worker in Chameli and that was a turning point in her career. She’s received several Filmfare awards.

Her personal life has been the center of attention for the media, but she makes no qualms about discussing her personal life publicly. She’s full of spunk and she has an aura about herself. She’s a style icon for the women of today.  She’s confessed to being an introvert but blunt and candid at the same time. She’s known to be hardworking and ambitious.  She has the famous ‘ Chammak Challo ‘ song to her credit which was a huge hit. She also recently unveiled her wax statue at Madam Tussauds.

Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong to a Kashmiri  father Mohammed Kaif and an English mother Susanna Turquotte who were later seperated. She started her modelling career at the age of fourteen in Hawaii. She’s admitted to have been in a serious relationship with Salman khan for years and finally they got seperated in 2010.

She made her debut with Boom where she plays a bold role. Later she played glamorous roles and gave a series of hits. She has traversed a long road and has improved with every new movie. She believes in keeping her private life private and at the same time she isn’t bothered about rumours. She’s known to have a beautiful heart and gives importance to inner beauty rather than external. She has songs like ‘ Sheila ki Jawani ‘ to her credit where she has proved her dancing skills. She also launched a Barbie doll named after her.

As a woman I admire the qualities in both Kareena and Katrina. I admire Kareena’s hardwork, her spunk, her aura ,  and above all her talent in acting.  I admire Katrina as a person who seems to be down to earth, hardworking and her looks are striking.

Looks wise I rate Katrina over Kareena

Talent wise I rate Kareena over Katrina

Going by the overall package which inludes talent and looks, I score Kareena over Katrina .

 Please do share your views on the topic .


13 thoughts on “Kareena Vs Katrina

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  1. I like Kareena just because of Jab we met. She sprang back to life being her in that with all spunk and glory 🙂 Katrina is cute- Barbie doll likes – good that she launched the doll. Given a choice I chose Kareena !

  2. Both are hard working and creative individuals in their own way. Acting wise, Kariena takes the case and she is not far behind look wise as well. Katrina is glamorous and sports the sexy avatar in the natural way but has a long way to go in terms of good performance. Overall, Bebo has a slight edge:)

    1. I have to agree with you Vishal, Kareena takes the lead. I feel Katrina is a bit stiff where acting is concerned. Acting comes naturally to Kareena and she’s more spontaneous.

      1. ya Kat is glamorous but is stiff acting wise and quite expressionless, barring Rajneeti to a certain extent.

  3. I like them both. But I like Katrina more for her off-screen persona. She comes across as a really warm, I-don’t-consider-myself-too-special person. I find that lacking in Kareena. To each, her own. But Kareena is more talented, acting-wise.

  4. I don’t really care about either. Kareena is definitely a better actress and that should be what matters, but of course, we all know that it doesn’t!

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