Naughty and Nice

I’ve decided to keep the letter N  as ‘ Naughty and Nice ‘ for my son Aiden’s naughty little activities as well as for being a nice and an affectionate child. He was born on 28 th January 2010 and is an Aqaurian just like his Mommy 😉 He’s mischievous but very loving  at the same time. He’s completed three years and performed pretty well at school.  I dedicate this pictorial post to him.

In the pic below he was just two days old. He was quiet and calm then, like an angel 😉 His eyes were half open and he was exploring his surroundings.

When he was just born
When he was just born

This was after a bath and he was in his bath robe. Looks like a boxer here !

When he was four months
When he was four months

This was on his first Birthday. He was eagerly waiting to pounce on the cake.

On his 1st Birthday
On his 1st Birthday


   Making himself comfortable in the bucket.

Bucket time !
Bucket time !

Playing with switches, for which he’s been scolded several times. Fortunately, he has stopped the habbit.



Ready for school

First day of schooling
First day of schooling


   and now growing up pretty fast. God bless him !

On Christmas Day
On Christmas Day

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  1. Awwwww….. this is like one of the cutest posts ever. And i can’t decide which pic is my favorite. All are equally super cute.

    Loads of love to you son. May God bless him always. ❤

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