Barack Obama
Barack Obama

 America’s 44th  President Barack Hussein Obama, popularly known as ‘ Obama’, has many followers worldwide because of the way he speaks , his youthful image and his charismatic personality. He’s an exceptional Public speaker and his speeches have mesmerised people all over the world.  His family oriented persona is also what many people especially women like about him.  He blends in with the masses and that’s what gets him the attention.

He was born on 04 Aug 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He earned his law degree and worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago. His presidential campaign started in 2007, he then defeated Republican nominee Joe Mccain and became the president on January 20th 2009.. He was sworn in  for the second time as the President defeating Republican nominee  Mitt Romney.  He’s also the first African American President to hold office.

 It was during his tenure as the U.S President an operation was carried out in Pakistan by the united states Navy SEALS on May 1st 2011 resulting in the death of Osama  Bin Laden. There were celebrations worldwide.

He also marked the exit of US Troops from Iraq ending nine years of war.

He’s been against outsourcing to bring back America’s economy back on track.

Facts about Obama

Obama playing Basket Ball
Obama playing Basket Ball

* He’s left handed.

* He knows the indonesian language which he learnt during the childhood years spent at Jakarta.

* He’s a good Basket Ball player

* Obama tried to quit smoking several times but he was finally successful in 2010.

* He’s a christian by religion and he developed the religion values later in life , as both his parents were not too religious.


He married Michelle Robinson on October 3rd 1992. They have two daughters named Malia Ann and Natasha. They have a portuguese water dog named Bo. Americans  feels they are in safe hands and are hopeful that he will bring positive changes to the country, as he’s a man of action.