Ragging and Bullying

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I’m sure all of us have  experienced ragging in some form or another in our life time.  Most of us have experienced it either in school or college.The practice of ragging is prevalent since ages. In India ragging  is  done to break the ice between juniors and seniors in colleges . The juniors would have to do certain activities like singing, dancing , immitating an actor or doing favours for seniors like buying a pack of cigarettes.  Normally  it was  a practice to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors.  Constructive form of ragging has its positive points. You learn about humility, respect for superiors, and anger management . You become a refined person and you learn to deal with life situations in a better way.

But over the past years  ragging has taken a new form. Of late there have been so many incidents of ragging,  where the victims have lost their lives.  One such incident is that of  Aman Kachroo who died after being ragged by seniors in the Rajendra Prasad Medical college.  Ultimately one day he was killed by these group of boys under the influence of alcohol.  He was just nineteen years old and I must say a real good looking guy. Due to such heinous incidents , the practice of ragging has become quite unpopular. It has been banned in most of the  colleges.

  Does ragging have to be so serious where the victim looses his mental peace and ends up loosing his life ? In India, Engineering and medical colleges have been hubs of ragging. What starts out as fun and exciting normally takes an ugly form. The famous Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachan has said that he’s experienced severe forms of ragging which can’t be described.

Ragging that takes place in schools is termed as Bullying. It can classified as Physical, verbal or emotional.  The ways boys and girls bully are different. It’s more physical in the case of boys like  kicking, fighting and pushing. In case of girls it involves passing negative remarks on dressing, on your body, passing negative remarks on family members, mocking,  provoking   and ignoring on purpose.  This comes under emotional ragging. I have’nt been spared of it either and had my fair share of it.  Why do  children bully ? Kids who do not come from warm and loving homes and  who do not get attention are  more likely to bully. They feel inadequate, so by bullying they get a sense of power.

Healthy ragging  is acceptable as it makes you more refined and cuts your superiority complex.  I’m totally against ragging where the victim has to loose his dignity and the torturers gain some sort of  pleasure out of this. Bullying in schools have to be controlled .  Famous celebrities who have been through ragging  are Eminem, Rihanna, Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and among  Indian celebrities Amitabh Bachan, Arjun Rampal and Rahul Dev.Have you ever been ragged or bullied ? Please do share your views and experiences.


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  1. Have experienced what you called Healthy Ragging… ragging made me realize that I could sing!
    But this physical and mental torture is terrible. Recently saw this movie Table No. 21 which was based on the emotional trauma of ragging. Son of an acquaintance left his Engineering college because of this!

  2. Ragging is a crime !I have heard a student who was so depressed because of ragging, came in with suicidal tendencies, sad to say, ragging must not be entertained.

  3. At my kids’ school here in NZ, it’s quite the opposite, Seniors actually look after the juniors – each Senior is given the responsibility of looking after 3-4 juniors. They learn respect and responsibility in a kind way. I think that works wonders. But it’s sad to hear that so much ragging goes on that people lose their sanity.

  4. Yes, I was subjected to emotional ragging where I could not react or scared to so. It was humiliating at first but as I mull over it, I have a feeling that I reacted angrily to that which I shouldn’t. I should have reacted in a playful manner so as not give them enough reasons to provoke me. But, over the months, the guys became friendly with me. Moral of the story: Don’t get provoked, Act and Not React.

  5. Added to this is the peer pressure to conform…there are subtle forms too which goes unrecognized. Some just bear and grin. Good of you to highlight this. Ultimately, it is the one who is subjected to ragging who should fight back…but, that is rarely the case.

  6. We did go through so called ‘healthy ragging’ .We had fun during those sessions along with our seniors. It use to be an ice breaking exercise. There is nothing innocent about ragging now.

  7. To ask for introductions or a lil bit of leg pulling is okay… but then that is the starting point at times… its best avoided… best have a party to welcome the new entrants ! 😀

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