Sally an angel

I’m sure you are wondering who sally is ? Can you guess ? I shall not keep you guessing for long.  Sally was my pet german Shepherd dog. I had to dedicate a post to her because of the sheer joy, and happiness she brought into our lives. People who have pet dogs will exactly know what I am talking about. We got her from a family friend and I remember the first time I saw her. I came back tired from school and threw my self on the couch. Something in the corner caught my attention. There she was as a little puppy, a mix of brown, grey and black. She had bright shiny eyes, claws that were very sharp and furry shiny coat of hair. Initially she never played with any of us, but as days passed we became the best of friends.

The naughty things she did

* Our family loved going for walks after dinner and we used to take Sally along. If any member was left behind from the group, she would leave the group and walk beside the person who was walking alone. May be she felt that the group can take care of itself, but the person who is alone needs protection. Such a thoughtful dog !

* This is hard to believe ! Whenever we played music and danced she would happily come and hop on us and join us to dance. I would have to hold her front paws and dance with her or should I say hop with her 🙂 A music and a dance lover too. Now how often do you get to see this 😉

* It’s a true saying that dogs love to socialize.  She made our friends her friends. Whenever guests came over, to our place she was the first one to greet them by wagging her tail non stop, with a lot of excitement in her eyes. She loved visitors and loved to mingle. A socialite in her own way.

* When I would get up early in the wee hours of morning to study during exams , she’d come and sit beside me, giving me company. I would be happy knowing that there was someone there for me during bad times 😉

I don’t have her photograph as most of them are with my mother. This is a photograph of a dog whom she closely resembles.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd

Sally was known as ‘ Sher ‘ or Lion of our neighbourhood. She shared ten years of her life with us. She was an angel that came into our lives, spreading warmth, love and happiness. She finally left us leaving her footprints in our hearts. She was indeed the ‘ Queen of good times ‘ .  Love you always ♥



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  1. I also had a friend, Tinku, whom I loved and the friendship was lost. Then, one day he mysteriously disappeared. Sally reminded me of ma dear friend, Tinku::(

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