Ujjwal restaurant


Bengaluru is known for it’s eating, as much as it’s known for it’s pub culture. Plenty of eating joints to try and experiment with.  Cuisines ranging from North Indian, South Indian, Manglorean, and Goan to Chinese, Thai, Arabian  and Mexican. Our family loves trying out new cuisines and exploring new eating joints. Last Sunday we had been to a Manglorean joint named ‘ Ujjwal ‘

It’s located in Vasant Nagar in Bengaluru. It’s a nondescript place, not too  fancy. We ordered Prawn ghee roast, Chicken ghee roast,  fish fry for the starters. A fish thali, a veg thali, fish curry and rice for the main course. The large spread of dishes looked very appetising, especially because we were all hungry by then 😉 The prawn ghee roast was delectable tossed in fresh Manglorean spices. Neer Dosa was so soft that it almost melted in the mouth. Fish curry and rice was pretty delicious. Tender Coconut chicken is another speciality of the place.  We indulged and relished every bit of the food that was served. At the end of it all we were completely satisfied.

Neer dosa
Neer dosa

This place serves as a watering hole for many of the locals here. Though it has a bar, the crowd was pretty decent. You definitely get your money’s worth. Prices are reasonable and the service is fast and good. Homely atmosphere and homely food best describes the place. So, if you like homely food with a glass of chilled beer. This is the  place to go Cheerz 😉

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