Visakhapatnam – city of destiny

Visakhapatnam is a port city in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a large coastline nestled among high hills. It also happens to be my native place. The place is characterized by natural beauty. In general the climate here is hot and humid. It’s pleasant during the winters. December and January are the best months to visit the place. With the growing number if IT companies here, the face of Visakhapatnam is fast changing. The traffic and population has increased manifold.  

Visakhapatnam which is popularly known as ‘ Vizag ’ has a port, a harbour, a naval base and a ship building yard. Tourists from all over India come to visit the place and there are many attractive tourist spots.

 The Kailash hills is one of the popular sight seeing places here. You get a picturesque view of the beach. Paragliding and ropeways can be enjoyed here.

Kailash giri hills
Kailash giri hills

Bora Caves – These are natural built caves and contain stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a real beauty.

Borra caves
Borra caves
  1. Araku valley – Another beautiful place characterized by greenery and beauty. It’s a valley in the eastern Ghats and it’s a hub of tribals.
Araku valley
Araku valley

Beaches – There are plenty of beaches to visit like the famous Ramakrishna Beach, Rushikonda beach, Gangavaram and Yarada beach. R K beach is the most famous hang out for the locals here.  You can also visit the Submarine Meuseum here.

Submarine on R K Beach
Submarine on R K Beach

 If you love Andhra cuisine then there are plenty of eating joints where you get to taste authentic Andhra food. Daspalla is one such hotel. You have a chain of hotels lined up near the Rk beach like the Taj, Grand bay, the Park, and now the very recent Novotel Hotel. Vizag is also known for its Jewellery and Saree showrooms.  The people here are warm, simple and friendly. I recommend my readers to visit the place atleast once.


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  1. So many posts on Vishakhapatnam today – it’s now on my places to see list (an ever growing one)! thanks for sharing beautiful pics.

  2. I too recommend Diana . This place is worth a visit atleast once . Loved all your clicks 🙂 it’s ur native . That’s wow
    Did u take that kailashgiri pic . I plan to go with a good cam next time !!! I love the beach road . Every time I feel new and dreamy when I go on a drive there !!
    Good day

    1. Yes, Afshan it’s my native place. Most of our relatives belong to this place. R K beach was our favourite hang out as well. of course a nice place for a long drive…someone’s getting into a romantic mood 😉 ……I have’nt taken the Kailashgiri pic….googled it 🙂

  3. Reading the second post on Vizag today and was not aware that it is so very beautiful and has so many places to explore and enjoy. The Kailash Giri Hills look stunning and so does the Araku Valley and Borra Caves!

    1. Yes, Shilpa try and visit the place…preferably during the winter…..the weather is pleasant then. Agree..Kailash is beautiful and you get a beautiful view of the beach. This part of Vizag is really scenic. Borra caves is a must !

  4. Hi Diana ! its a nice post, I have been to burra caves and RK beach with my friends, a few years ago. it was very enjoyable, thanks for refreshing my memory !

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