Women empowerment

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 Women have come a long way through the years. From housewives and teachers to lawyers, pilots, doctors, writers and Managers for big corporate companies  Breaking all barriers of tradition and rules imposed on them, they’ve achieved financial freedom. They are multi taskers taking care of not only their careers but managing their kids, husbands, and extended family as well. How cool is that ? This is certainly an achievment. They play the roles of mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and daughter -in-laws. They have dynamic personalities.

Women have entered all fields like the railways, airlines and even politics. There is nothing called ‘ IMPOSSIBLE’, in their dictionary. They’ve crossed all barriers and boundaries to attain freedom and command respect. Women down the years have become symbol of strength, courage and power. But  in some cases, even after so many years of progress women are undervalued in many male dominated societies. They are looked down upon and treated as doormats.  For example the growing number of rape cases is shocking. Girls as young as five years have’nt been spared either.

Female infanticide, dowry deaths, sexual harrasment, eve teasing, rapes, trafficking and what not some of the women have gone through. Despite all this women have emerged as winners. They have challenged themselves every step pf the way. Hats off to all the women who are bringing change. I’m lucky that I’ve met some wonderful women bloggers through the world of blogging and I’ve learnt so much from them.  I’ve been inspired and I’m being transformed for the better every step of the way.  Also three cheers for all the women bloggers who have participated in the A to Z Blogging challenge. We are almost reaching our goal. Hip Hip Hurray !!!! 😀

I’ll leave you with two of my favourite quotes on women

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ` – Diane Mariechild
A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt


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  1. Today, women call the shots in many enterprises and it’s high time for us, men, to accept the reality. I honestly feel that women are more competent that men. It’s sad that women are still humilated and oppressed by men and they vent out their frustration through sexual violence, infanticide and crime against the girl child.

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