Xmas fun


We all love festivals and the joy, cheer and warmth that it brings along with it. I’ve chosen  ‘ X mas ‘ the topic for today, as it’s one of my favourite festivals. X mas is the abbreviation or short form for Christmas.  ‘ X ‘ is a greek letter meaning ‘ Christ ‘ and  ‘ Mas ‘ means mass. I like everything about the festival  from the  christmas tree, the lights, the decorations to Santa Claus, the cakes, wine and also the midnight mass. A festival that can be enjoyed by both the young and old equally. It is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the birth of Christ.

X mas star
X mas star

The preperations start weeks in advance.  People start by baking cakes, making Rose cookies and Kalkals. These are home made specialities made during Christmas. I remember my mother and sister used to bake cakes and it would almost take up the whole day 🙂  It was fun and I remember how much I loved the taste of the batter. It’s fun when all the family members get together and get involved in the preperations. That’s the best part !

Plum cake
Plum cake

The plum cake is the traditional X mas cake. The plums are soaked in  rum for months and is made just days before X mas. There’s no X mas without decorations. So people decorate their homes with the latest decorations available in the market. Some people like to select a colour theme and most often it is red and green. The Christmas tree is decorated with beautiful decorations. It’s a tradition to put up the star. The  star revealed the birth of Jesus Christ to the three wise men. They followed it to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. I normally like  to select the star. I prefer something that is bright and colourful.

 It’s nice to see shops and  markets decorated  and it’s fun shopping this time. This brings in the festive mood. Sending cards, exchanging gifts, Carol singing, hymns are part of the celebrations. Children normally write letters to Santa  letting him know what they want for Christmas. The Parents in turn buy it and Santa gifts it during Christmas  tree functions for kids. He’s a popular figure among the kids. I remember I used to get scared seeing Santa, but got used to him gradually :).

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

I love attending the midnight mass that is on the twenty fourth of December. The churches are decorated.  It’s nice to see everyone looking their best in their Christmas outfits 🙂 After the mass is over people wish their families and friends. Many people attend the Christmas Ball after the mass. On X mas day day people like to spend time with their own families followed by a nice Christmas Lunch which is enjoyed by family members.    

My son receiving his gift from Santa


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  1. Christmas used to spell a lot of hectic family activity for us growing up – loads of uncles, aunts and cousins at my grandparents place. Then as people grew and moved away it got quieter. Now that I’m in Mumbai it is just Jose and me and we like it that way!

  2. Nice pictures Diana, this is my favourite festival, tempting me with the plum cake, christmas always brought joy to me as a child, and even now i am happy to celebrate !

  3. I love X-mas and have quite some stories to tell. In 2011, I was treated to nice X-MAS plum cake and other X-mas delicacies at my prof. house whom I visited in Pune after aeons. Cheerz

  4. Diana, you are making me want December in April!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I just love that season more than anything else. Something about the air that makes you want to jingle along. And now I am craving for marzipans and it is all your fault 😛

    Dropping by from AtoZ

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