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Today is the last day of the A#Z April blogging challenge and I’ve chosen Zeal as the topic for the letter ‘ Z ‘.  This is  beacuse of all the Zeal, enthusiasm and dedication all the  bloggers have shown by participating in this contest. Each one of us has put in the effort not only to write to the best of our capability, but also comment on as many blogs as possible, thereby motivating others to write better. By being a part of the A2Zders group, we’ve learnt to share, come out of our own comfort zones and blend in with the group. Each one of us have particiapted in conversations.  Highlighting other bloggers posts in the discussions was a great idea and I quite liked that. This way we have uplifted and supported one another.

Now, we’ve been together in this for a month and there is a sort of closeness and togetherness that has developed between us. I hope this can be taken forward by keeping in touch by visiting each other through blogging and posting comments. We’ve come across so many varied topics like Poetry, stories, topics on animals,  food,  travel , life and even movies in such a short span. We’ve learnt so much from one another and this will really help us to transform for the better. I have enjoyed reading all the blogs and each blogger had his/ her own unique style of writing and knowledge to impart.  I thank all the bloggers for visiting my blog and posting comments and I apologize to those whose blogs I could’nt visit due to less time and circumstances. I shall try my best to visit their blogs today.

I want to thank Corinne for creating the A2Zders group. You’ve kept us going throughout the challenge by motivating us,  and keeping our spirits high. Encouraging us to vsit other blogs and comment. Despite writing  wonderful posts, you’ve taken time to bring in new people into the group and regularly posted comments on other blogs. You’ve participated in conversations and I dedicate Z for Zeal to you. I personally feel that  it was great participating in this challenge, as it has increased our faith in ourselves and our capabilities. We’ve worked hard this month and deserve a little break 😀  So catch you all later in the world of blogging and probably next year in the April blogging challenge 😀  again.  Happy Blogging !!!!!