Reflection post on the A to Z April blogging challenge


This is my reflection post for the A # Z Blogging challenge. It was my first attempt to participate in A#Z April Blogging challenge. It’s a great initiative by the organizers  Arlee bird and others. I thoroughlyenjoyed the experience because it was very tough and challenging.  That’s what I liked most about the Challenge. But once you complete it you feel on top of the world.  Initially, I was hesitant to participate, but finally I did with the support of my blogger friends. I  faced a few obstacles as well for which I was not prepared. My internet connection gave up on me  for a week. I went to the internet cafe to post the content along with my naughty son as I didn’t have a back up. That one week was really exhausting.

I congratulate each and every blogger who has participated and completed the challenge. Each one of us has shown a lot of  Zeal, enthusiasm and dedication by participating in this contest. I must say it requires great inner resources to complete the challenge. Each one of us has put in the effort not only to write to the best of our capability, but also comment on as many blogs as possible, thereby motivating  and encouraging each other. We came across so many varied topics like Poetry, stories, topics on animals, food, travel , life and even movies in such a short span. I have enjoyed reading all the blogs and each blogger had his/ her own unique style of writing and knowledge to impart. It was an enriching and a learning experience as well.

  I thank all the bloggers for visiting my blog and posting comments and I apologize to those whose blogs I could’nt visit due to less time and circumstances.  I was lucky to be a part of the A2Zders group headed by Corinne Rodrigues. We’ve learnt to share, come out of our own comfort zones and blend in with the group.In the process we got to make some great Blogger friends as well. Corinne has motivated us throughout and kept our spirits alive.  She has been a great motivator.  It was great participating in this challenge, as it has increased our faith in ourselves and our capabilities. It has made me believe in me ! If given a chance, yes I might do it again.


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  1. True, this challenge made us believe in ourselves. And it was a fun filled journey with so many new bloggers. It was wonderful connecting with you through this challenge, Diana. See you around. Cheers 🙂

  2. True Diana ! we left our comfort zones, and got so involved, with one another’s blog, reading, commenting, affirming, appreciating, and motivating, we reached Z. Thanks for sharing, hope to be in touch ! it was nice to be part of this challenge !

  3. Thank for hanging in despite the problems. It’s all part of what makes A to Z a challenge!

    I glad you connected up with a strong community. I’d heard about Corinne’s elsewhere and I think it was pretty cool.

    I sent word about the link problem on the list and hope it will be corrected soon.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks a lot Arlee for the motivating words 🙂 I’m thankful that I got the opportunity to participate in this challenge at such an early stage of blogging. It was such an enriching experience. Yes, I’m glad I got connected with a strong blogging community and thanks to Corinne for that. She’s been the real motivator. Thanks for all your help regarding the link problem. Really appreciate all your help.

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