Coffee culture is here to stay


The coffee culture has been flourishing in India since many years now. From drinking coffee in the roadside joints to being served in the comfort and luxury of plush cafes. I personally never was a coffee drinker, but after settling down in Bengaluru the coffee culture has caught up with me. It is quite different from the coffee culture in Vizag (city in Andhra Pradesh, India) which, I’m sure has changed a lot as well.

I remember the coffee joints in Vizag back then. There was Cafe coffee day and Pastry coffee and conversation, popularly called PCC. In Bengaluru  like any other city, you’ll find coffee joints in every nook and corner. A  Barista Lavazza, a Cafe coffee day, Costa coffee or Gloria jeans. I must  say that the smaller names are doing pretty well for themselves as well and some of them serve great coffee. They are equally competent. Seeing the growing demand of Coffee business, Starbucks was launched in Mumbai and Delhi.


These coffee joints are brightly lit, and have plush interiors. The atmosphere is cool with the latest air conditioners installed. Waiters who are mostly youngsters are well dressed in uniforms and most of them speak quite good english. The seating arrangements are quite comfortable though it’s become a bit cluttered in Cafe coffee day. The ambience in Costa cofee is better but prices are higher as well.  Coffee art has become quite popular and Coffee served with different art and designs on it is appealing to the eye. The most famous art being the heart or the Tulip leaf.  These cafes provide free Wifi which goes well with the tech savy crowd.

Cafes are a big hit with the youngsters of India. The atmosphere in these cafes are highly charged with youngsters all around chatting about everything under the sun. Especially, in the evenings you’ll find cafe joints packed with youngsters.  Some of them talking about college stuff, some discussing about the latest movies and music.  Coffee joints have become great meeting places for friends and  families. You can have a quiet conversation accompanied by a smoky and aromatic cup of coffee. Many love to conduct office meetings here as well.

You’ll find several office goers with their laptops catching up with work. They get to enjoy a great cup of cappuccino, accompanied with some great  Pitbull music. What better way to catch up with office work ! For most  young couples this is a great hangout. A place where they can be themselves and get to know each other a little better. It’s a much safer place than parks where they can chased by cops or become victims of chain snatchers.

People have become more experimentive and trying out something new everyday. Cafes have a nice spread in their menu list starting from Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha to cold coffee, Frappe and many more.  There are no shortage of coffee hubs in India,  if you want to relax and unwind yourself. With the flourishing coffee business in India, the Indian coffee culture is here to stay. I’m heading to have a nice cup of coffee now. …catch you all later friends 🙂


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  1. Incidently, I am allergic to coffee but I am a frequent visitor to café usually to catch up with friends and binge on snacks and a smoothie. Of late I have started disliking CCD due to their horrible services which I also complained about to their head office. As a substitute I found Moshe’s and am hooked on to it.Am a regular there now.

    1. I agree Kajal..CCD’S services are gone down. Infact some smaller cafes are much better quality wise. I’ve never been to Moshe’s, but must try the place sometime.

    1. Yes, I have to agree to that :)..I feel some places like CCD are overpriced and the quality has gone down as well. I prefer some of the smaller cafes which are reasonable and they provide good ambience as well.

  2. I haven’t caught up with the coffee culture, but maybe because we have an excellent espresso machine at home! I agree with Corinne that it’s overpriced; probably because you pay for the ambience!

  3. I became a coffee drinker after marriage. Hubby makes the best coffee in town. But yes, a cuppa with my chicas now and then makes for great conversations too. I quite enjoy sitting with my laptop at a cafe, typing away to glory and sipping my cappuccino with Irish Cream topped as a flavour….as the world goes by. 🙂

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