Dark secrets


Dark secrets are like treasures hidden deep within the soul. It’s  very personal and holds value to the person who conceals it from the world. Every dark secret does’nt have to be bad. Some secrets cause barriers especially between your loved ones if not revealed. It’s always advisable to be open and truthful to your loved ones, as they matter the most. Every human has a secret, some small, some big, some shallow and some deep. When it’s exposed one feels vulnerable and weak. But at the same time once done away with one feels light, free and unburdened. It’s achieving freedom.

This is my entry for Corinne’s 100 words on Saturday (Everyday Gyaan)


20 thoughts on “Dark secrets

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  1. I can’t share everything with my loved ones. I can be as transparent as the situation demands. Nothing more or nothing less.

    1. I am a bit like you, but I share most of the stuff with my family. Out side the family I follow your Policy..being transparent as the situation demands. But I’m learning to be more open these days as there’s no harm disclosing more about yourself to others as long as you are not harming anyone 🙂 But I give out limited information to people who are nosy.

    1. Yes, agree with you jyothi many keep secrets to prevent others from getting hurt. I ‘ve learnt that it’s better to be open, cause it saves you from a lot of trouble. The people who love you will accept you for what you are.

  2. Hmmmm, but if all secrets were out, we’d be angels, no? Na, I’ll pass. I like my horns 😛 But do you have any secrets for me?

    1. I agree with you Vinita ..we all have secrets, after all we are humans and it’s not important to share all of them ….Ha ha …Vinita..I have some secrets, but not dark ones 😀

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