A positive change


One morning after around three weeks of our marriage, I saw my husband Allyn sitting in front of the computer checking his emails.  That was the first time I saw him working after our marriage. After having a gala time on our wedding and honeymoon  now it was time to get use to the daily grind. It was also a time I was observing  him closely, getting to know about his ways and his habbits.  Earlier, I only knew that he managed his business and they were distributors of industrial chemical products.

As a young girl I had always admired the life of an entrepreneur. I thought about the hardwork, the achievment and the responsibilities that comes along with it. Life of an entrepreneur is not easy of that I was always sure of and now that was confirmed after I observed him everyday. 

This was and still is his daily routine.

He’d get up in the wee hours of the morning. Put on his jogging tracks and out he would be on the roads jogging. It was the hardest thing for me to get up early in the morning , so he never pressurised me .  He’d say ” You can have your angel sleep”.  After he returned he’d check his official emails.  Then he’d browse through the Sharekhan website and keep himself updated about the Sensex. He taught me how to read the Sensex but now I’ve forgotten half of the things he taught me. Lazy isn’t it ?  He’d make his early morning green tea and as a good husband he’d make one cup for me as well.  He would read the newspaper and keep himself updated with the latest happenings of the world while I prepared the breakfast. Once done with the breakfast, he’d head upstairs to iron his clothes. Dressed  neatly, in formal pants and shirt he would  leave for work at sharp  nine o ‘clock but not before bidding farewell to his wife.

He worked hard during the office hours .  I normally don’t call him at work because although he takes my call, his mind and focus is totally on his work. So unless it’s really important I don’t disturb him. Observing him everyday I realised how hardworking and disciplined he was.  Ofcourse he imbibed the qualities of discipline and commitment to work from his Father.  He would come back in the evening.  No more work  after this ! Ofcourse if there was extra work he’d sit up late at night and complete it. He left the evenings for his family. We normally  went out for our evening walks and had coffee or snacks most of the time on our way.

What surprised me most about him is even after working hard at office, he kept his personal things very organized at home.  He balanced his life and made sure he spent quality time with his family. Weekends especially was and still is reserved for family. He made sure to take us out every weekend. We stay in a joint family, but even after getting married he hasn’t forgotten his duties as  a son. This I can say confidently that he’s a very good son and any Parent would like to have a son like him.

At times I feel he takes life too seriously. I’d ask ” why do you take life so seriously ? ”  then comes the reply ” Life is serious ” . I’m trying my best to change that. I’ve always told him that life is too short to be taken so seriously. I introspected and realised that he lost his mother at a very early age. He was twenty five years old then. Since she managed a major part of the household duties, after she passed away things came to a stand still. This was sudden and he was devastated as he was very close to his mother. But he didn’t allow life’s adversities to bog him down. He made a positive change.

Being the eldest son he took over the reigns and shouldered responsibilites at a very early age.  He managed most of the chores at home. He accompanied his Father to work and learnt to manage his business by then.  He became the Proprietor of the company soon and handled the business on his own.  He took his business to a higher level. This was the main reason why he became disciplined and independent and committed to work at an early age. 

 I personally feel he deserves a break and he needs to relax and unwind himself.  He gives his best to everyone and never expects anything in return. He is thoroughly dedicated and commited to his work and his family.  He supports me in every way possible. He gives me the freedom to do what I want. He has complete faith in me.  He has supported me with my work and now recently with blogging.  Infact, I take a lot of help from him. He doesn’t mind whom I hang out with as long as I’m safe and secure.  He encourages me to grow.

Now on the lighter side. I’ll describe what he loves doing at home. He loves listening to great music and he’s updated with the latest tracks.  He loves watching movies, travelling, shopping, freaking out in the weekends, going for long drives and spending time with family and close friends. So although he’s dedicated to his work he likes to enjoy the simpler things in life which money cannot buy.  Hats off to him ! He makes everyone’s life simple and I’m blessed that  he’s my husband.  To me he is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

  I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with BlogAdda.com

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    1. Kajal he was sitting side of me while I was typing, so I had no option but to praise him up LOL :D…but jokes apart…. whatever I’ve mentioned is true 🙂

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