Closed doors


Closed doors to me  symbolize life’s challenges. Opening a closed door  is like taking  risks in life.  You may never know what lies behind a closed door,  just like you may never know what consequences  a decision you take in life would have. We are often overcome with fear while opening closed doors.  But opening closed doors brings in change and growth. Sometimes you get what you’ve desired and sometimes not what you’ve expected.  But at the same time you can learn life’s greatest lessons. I would always like to open a closed door,  for only on opening it I would know what lies behind.

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18 thoughts on “Closed doors

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  1. We should always leave the door open for growth, even if it’s bad it serves as a lesson. Btw I love the picture of the door and the alley portrayed by the pic. completely unique::)

  2. So true Diana. Sometimes we have to risk a little to gain a lot. As they say “Fortune favours the bold” and that can be applied in any context.

    1. Blogging/writing and interacting with top bloggers like you has helped me in opening many closed doors and in seizing the opportunities coming my way…Thanks Corinne for the beautiful comment as always.

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