It always feels good to get a tap at the back, for our efforts and hardwork. It’s just like the icing on the cake. Rewards in the blogging world are always motivating and encourages us to write more. When I started this blog, I was not very confident about writing, because I was neither an avid reader nor a writer. But my experimentive nature got the better of me and hence I started my journey of writing. Gradually I started getting followers which motivated me to write even further, beacuse now I had the added responsibility to satisfy my readers.

A few months back my blog was nominated for the Leibster award. I felt on top of the world after receiving it as that was my first award in the world of blogging.  Answering the questionnaire was also fun.  A few days back I received the notable newbie award from blogadda, and I felt happy yet again. It was a nice feeling to see my blog’s name being featured on Blogadda’s homepage. And now recently, I was nominated for a bunch of awards from my blogger friend Vishal Bheeroo and Sakshi Nanda. I would like to thank Vishal Bheeroo for choosing my Blog and finding it worthy of these rewards. Thank you for sincerely commenting and sharing your own ideas on my blog. I would like to thank Sakshi Nanda for choosing my Blog for the Leibster Blog award. I was happy to come across your beautiful blog as well.

Below are the list of awards with the colourful badges.  They look so bright and beautiful. So, here I am nominating and passing these awards to the below talented bloggers. It was very difficult for me to choose, however I’ve chosen the names of blogs that I visit frequently.  I know there are numerous blogs that deserve these awards and I’m sure that I’ll get the opportunity to pass it on to them next time 🙂


seed-of-light-award1super-sweet-blogging-award21w6451wonderful-team-membership-award versatile

Kajal kapur

Bhavya N K      

Corinne Rodrigues

Genevive Angela

Shilpa Garg     

Afshan Khan 

Roshni Aamom

Privy Trifles   

Vidya Suri