The Elusive one



Today is 2nd June and we have reasons to celebrate. Yes,  India’s women bloggers group Indiblogeshwaris has completed one year and it’s our first anniversary.  I was added to this group on facebook by Corinne Rodrigues. This group is one of a kind.  It comprises of women bloggers spread all over India. We all come from different backgrounds . We have conversations, discussions, we share jokes and the list goes on.  I was amazed to see the spirit of the ladies in the group. Each one so different and unique.  This group is  all about sharing, caring , learning and having fun at the same time. Though you don’t need to be a part of every conversation, you can still be free to share your concerns or problems here. Isn’t that great ? The amazing group of  women here are there to help you and lend you a supporting hand.

Today’s theme is  ‘ the Elusive one ‘. I have to write about something which I have been putting off for a long time.  The past few months have been quite hectic. Last month I was busy with the A2Z challenge. Due to this I hardly got time to read any books. It was writing and blogging all the way. Though I’m not an avid reader I do like reading them once in a way and now after blogging my interest in reading has increased. So, yes reading was what I’ve been putting off for too long. Last month I decided to read the book by author Ravinder Singh titled ” Can love happen twice” . It’s a heart touching  love story and I found it quite interesting.  Something which the youth of today would definitely like and relate to.  I liked the author’s simple writing style. 

The plot of the story is  :

On the occassion of Valentine’s day , a radio station in Chandigarh hosts a romantic chat show. Ravin (Ravinder ) and his best friends Happy, Manpreet and Amardeep are invited as guests to talk about Ravin’s love story and his book ‘ I too had a love story ‘.  All turn up for the show except  Ravin.   The show picks up and  there is only one question on everyone’s mind : where’s Ravin ?

To answer this question the three friends begin reading  from an unpublished  copy of Ravin’s incomplete second book. The entire city listens to the shocking  story  of Ravin and the events that unfold  in his life . The TRP ratings of the show skyrocket.

Ravinder Singh is an author who writes from his heart and he’s gaining a lot of popularity.  He was born on 4th of February 1982 . 4th of February happens to be my wedding anniversary and 1982 is the year I was born.  We both are Aquarians. He spent his childhood in Orissa and the same goes for me. I found this to be quite a coincidence 🙂  I will not reveal the ending of the story to my readers. The story seems to be partially based on the author’s personal life . That is left for the readers to keep guessing. Please do read the book. So, that’s how I passed last month and I intend to read many more books in the days to come.  I would like to wish  all the indiblogeshwaris a very Happy Birthday and wish all of us many more years of togetherness. It’s fun to be a part of the multi talented, diverse and vibrant women’s group. Three cheers for Indiblogeshwaris 🙂


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  1. Wonderful Diana. I am so glad you took up reading once again. It is my all time fav activity. Good luck…..and keep on turning the pages. Cheers!

  2. Cheers Diana:)

    I am glad you got back to reading…. hey have you read his first book? I liked it more than this one 🙂

    Do try it out!

  3. Yes, Jyothi I’ve heard from many people that the first one is better. I must read it this month. I’m on good reads but I’m not that active :)..must try it .Yeah !!! Happy Birthday to all of us 🙂

  4. I read I too had a love story jus due to the reason that he is a x infoscion. Was touched by that. Heard this ones not that great but have to try and see
    Good lck for all aspirations Diana 🙂

  5. Orissa is lovely. You are from Chandigarh? We must meet the next time I am there 🙂 I have the book. Must read it

  6. Congrats on completing the book. I’ve read Ravinder’s first book. It’s good. Very emotional, but I liked “I will love once again’ more than this. A lot of young readers are coming up with great love stories these days.

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