Jiah khan ( Nafisa khan)
It was disturbing  and shocking to hear the suicide news of Jiah khan a few days back and now the recent suicide attempt of Paris Jackson daughter of Michael jackson.  Unbelievable ! From newspapers  to social networking sites  and blogs, the news of  Jiah’s death was splashed all over the print media.  She was found hanging in her posh apartment in Juhu. She was just twenty five years old and she had her whole life  ahead of her. She had the beauty and brawn. So, what pushed her to take the extreme step ?  Was it the dark side of the glamour world , was she weak in handling the pressures  or was she under serious depression ? According to sources her failing career was one of the main reasons.  This issue is something to seriously ponder about.

 There is tough competetion everywhere and  no field is easy, be it the corporate world or be it the glamour world.   Youngsters challenge themselves  at every level to reach the top to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. There is one to beat another. Survival is the key ! I personally feel the glamour line  which includes the modelling and the film industry is  very challenging. It has a short shelf life and comes with an expiry date. You flourish as long as you have the looks. One has to deal with cut throat competition and  negativity all around. Odd working hours, moving to different locations to shoot and staying away from family and friends  is stressful.  Due to hectic schedules there is less time for strong  and committed relationships. This can be emotionally draining and takes a toll on the mind and body.

Same goes for the modelling industry too. It is an equally challenging line. According to some, initially you don’t make any money and then suddenly you make a lot of it.  It’s not consistent. Aspiring male models especially boys stay in groups in rented apartments in the Mumbai suburbs.  They have to hire personal trainers to look their best because in this line only your looks and  body  is what counts.  Female models are expected to be super skinny. Strict diets have to be maintained.  There are many who suffer from eating disorders. You need to sell and market yourself. You have to look your best. You have to meet the demands of others and fulfill expectations, if not you are left behind in the rat race.

Paris Jackson goes to lunch with her mother Debbie Rowe
Paris Jackson

Due to the lack of a  strong social support system, negativity, tough competetion , high expectations and facing failure repeatedly  some of them get depressed. According  to sources many youngsters succumb to the pressures and  take to anti depressing agents. The struggle  takes the form of depression. If not given help and treatment at the appropriate time the disease goes out of hand and one ends up loosing his or her life.  This is sad and disappointing but also the truth. Even though we have progressed so much, we can do a zillion things at the touch of a button but the number of suicide cases this week reflects that the mental health of people is dwindling down.

 Failure, struggles and defeat  are a part of life.  It’s not the end of the world. Accepting this is being wise. It’s always good to weigh the pros and cons before entering  a  particular field. Certain fields of work, especially the glamour line is emotionally and physically challenging and if you  are not strong enough to deal with them, then it’s better to avoid  choosing these lines.  If  once entered and things don’t work out then it’s wise to back off and  work towards a different goal.  Career and goals are important, but not at the cost of  ruining your life.   Life is precious and nothing can be more important than it.