Why I write


Writing happened to me by accident and never did I know that it would open up doors and avenues for me.  Writing has helped in transforming me in ways  I couldn’t even imagine.  Writing is fun and a great medium of expressing.  They say ‘ The  Pen is mightier than the sword ‘ and  I truly stand by this. It can transform people, communities and the world at large. 

I write to express my thoughts, views and feelings that float in my mind, heart and soul. I write to bring words into action.

I write to make a difference to the world and to make a difference in people’s lives.

 Writing has helped me to think about various topics and subjects under the sun which otherwise I would’nt have thought of. 

It helps me to churn every word and thought into action. It  gives me a perspective on various thoughts.

Writing eases me and helps me to feel lighter as I discharge my ideas on paper.

I write to share my knowledge with the world and in turn I imbibe and absorb the knowledge that comes from other writers.

I write to learn and grow as a human being.

It’s a great medium to spread love, happiness and healing. If used in the proper way it can be used to revolutionize the world.  I write to bring a change.

Write tribe

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13 thoughts on “Why I write

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  1. Writing is just wonderful. Period.

    And i agree too everything you have mentioned. I am so happy that writing happened to you. Hi5 Diana. 😀

    and and i am curious to know about that accident that triggered you to write. 😀

    1. Hi5 to you too Preetilata..writing is great and it helped me to connect with wonderful people like you…I’ll share about the accident sometime later…probably if I get to meet you in person 😀

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