Beating stress


Stress is an inevitable part of our lives as we are living in a fast paced world. Stress and life they both go hand in hand. It all starts  from school  when we enter the rat race to come first in class and then as we gradually grow it is our aims and goals that we need to keep up with. No one can ever say that they didn’t  deal with stress.  For some it becomes a part of life. Most of  the times  illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments are all a result of stress.  We cannot avoid stress in life but we can learn how to deal with it. It may be caused due to internal or external factors.

Internal factors are self inflicted. It could be because of our own nature, because of how we perceive ourselves and because of our upbringing. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves.  We may set high goals for ourselves which may be beyond our reach to achieve. The internal factors are under our control and we can change it if we want to. The external factors are friends, family, work, marriage, our surrounding environment. While internal factors that cause stress can be controlled , the external factors can’t be controlled always and that is the reason they cause greater harm.  The factors  that cause stress are called stressors.

 In such case how we respond to stress caused by external factors determines our success.  If we respond to a negative situation in a positive way, then the negative situation does not hold much weightage. It’s important to have a positive attitude and react positively to any negative situations in life. There lies the secret to our success. This attitude sets the achievers apart from the ordinary. There are some who can work under pressure. They react positively to stress and they yield the best results. There are some who collapse under stress and fail to perform to the best of their capabilities.


It could lead to a number of diseases like Blood pressure which is a silent time bomb, diabetes, and major heart problems.

* It could lead to a series of mental problems like depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

* Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can also be caused.

* It could lead to panic disorders accompanied by palpitations and sweaty hands. We may feel the sudden urge to flee from the painful situation.

* Some may take the extreme step of commiting suicide, thinking this step to be the end of all painful problems. The number of suicide cases in the past few weeks is a proof of this. 



* The best way to lead a stress free life is to have a good relation with our own self.  We must make it a priority to love ourselves first. We must perceive ourselves through our own eyes and not through the eyes of others. It’s important to take time to introspect and know about our own strengths and weaknesses , our likes and our dislikes. It’s not  important what others think but what we think of ourselves. 

 *  It is not always possible to please other people all the time. Pleasing other people could be another factor  that can trigger stress. We must learn the art of saying ‘ No’.  It could save us from a lot of situations  which we would’nt want to go through.  This has been difficult for me but I’m learning how to say ‘ No’ to people. 

*  Forming strong bonds with loved ones is important.  It’s a good feeling to surround ourselves with people who care and make us happy. They help us to deal with life’s adversities in a better way.

* Setting realistic goals that are achievable

* Meditation like Yoga is good as it helps to calm us down.  It soothes the nerves and it brings in positive feelings.

It’s easy to cope with stress, but first we must learn the causes that stress us out, identify them and eliminate them.  If we make it a practice it is easy to enjoy a simple and a harmonious life.

God will never give you anything you can’t handle so don’t stress ~ Kelly Clarkson.


9 thoughts on “Beating stress

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  1. Lovely write up Diana
    This post came as a stress buster which I badly needed now
    Sensible and valid points
    I m fighting many demons right now and trying to stay stress free which is tough 😦
    Thanks for writing this

  2. Stress – inevitable but manageable! One thing I practice (sometimes with difficulty) is not to worry and lots of exercise / physical activity. It is a great way to disperse that pent up tension.

    Thanks for a great read, Diana!

    1. I agree Vidya, we cannot avoid every situation that takes place in our lives. We can deal with it in the best possible way. Those are really nice tips and I’m practicing it too 🙂

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