Shades of Monsoon

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The weather in Bangalore is cold, wet and chilly  which tempted me to pen down a few words  about the monsoon situation here. I found it difficult to  rise from the bed early parts of the morning because of the beautiful monsoon weather.  The warm and cozy comfort of the bed  was just too tempting. It’s just the perfect weather to have a nice hot cup of tea or coffee accompanied with some hot pakodas. Hmmm Yummy ! It’s been a while that we’ve seen the sun in our city. It’s been playing hide and seek for quite some time now.

 We all love the smell of the earth which the first drops of rain bring after touching the parched earth. Don’t we ?  It’s also breath taking to see the flowers and leaves completely washed by the drops of water from the heavens above. Fresh and clean !

It’s soothing to see the little streams of water flowing speedily creating ripples. Kids making paper boats and taking utmost advantage of the flow of water.  It does bring  back childhood memories. Seeing hawkers standing at the roadside  selling hot Pakodas and Bajjis in this weather makes my mouth water endlessly.

Bangalore has seen moderate rains this year.  The people have really enjoyed the  cold and cloudy climate out here.  We’ve soaked up the beautiful weather,  the nature Gods have bestowed on us. But like everything else in life, Monsoons have an ugly side too.  This season brings along with it several hazardous diseases to watch out for.

There were so many cases of children falling sick. A mysterious disease with symptoms close to dengue is spreading here. Now, being a Parent myself , it really scared the hell out of me. The doctors termed it  ‘ The Dengue shock syndrome ‘.  It affects mostly kids and teenagers. The blood platelets drop considerably accompanied by high fever and vomiting in patients suffering from this deadly disease.  Many children have lost their innocent lives.  Today a seventeen year old succumbed to this disease.

Having said that, the monsoons also brought along a bag of  miseries of a different nature.  It was common to see the houses built in the low lying areas flooded with water.  It’s no surprise that snakes often make their appearance during monsoons. Since, the rat holes get filled with water, they turn towards urband land for shelter and sometimes get into people’s houses and sumps which can be quite troublesome. 

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Google pic

 There were debris lying all over the roads near construction areas.  To add to the woes, the traffic in the city is bad and it keeps getting worse day by day. The roads in most of the areas are in pathetic conditions with menacing potholes.

Some of the potholes have become very deep due to the heavy showers of rain. This completely gets filled with rain water. The  ‘ I don’t care ‘  attitude drivers  drive over these potholes in full speed,  splashing muddy water on the pedestrians without bothering about them.

With monsoons here the drivers find it difficult to drive in the water lodged roads with a million potholes.  To worsen the situation many of the footpaths in the city are narrow and broken. As a result the pedestrians walk on the main roads full of traffic distracting the drivers and  posing a threat both to the pedestrians as well as the drivers.  It’s like entering a  war zone where you are not sure of your own life.

We hope that the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Pallike) keeps up to its commitment and repairs all the roads.  The stagnant water in many parts of the city have become the breeding hubs for mosquitoes, causing the spread of  Dengue. 

People  dispose garbage all over like no one’s business and the garbage heaps lie on the roads for days together.  This is just another cause for the spread of disease. Unfortunately, innocent kids have to pay the price. It’s really sad.

We can never be sure when the laid back attitude of the authorities would end. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait and watch what happens in the monsoons next year. As citizens we can only hope. Hope for a better tomorrow.


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  1. While I love the rains but the mess and the potholes, the stench and the dirt all around dampens the spirit a bit! I remember Mumbai during rains… traveling by roads and trains was nightmarish. But love it the most when I am indoors 😀

    1. Like you I love the rains too but I prefer being indoors during this season 🙂 I heard a lot about Mumbai rains. Hats off to all the people who survive monsoons there.

  2. I don’t mind the rains. I mind the cold in my nose after the rains 😉

    As for BBMP, they’re just plain lazy. They always keep these drainage works etc. for monsoon, and the rains just make things worse then. 😦

  3. The rains bring different responses across the country this year, Diana! I love the rains, but it is so distressing to see the negative effects. Right now, in Delhi, even houses are being flooded. Today I read in the news that the Delhi art museum was flooded and quite a few antiques are damaged.

    The worst thing right now in Bangalore is that school midday meal scheme poisoning children.

    Where there is no drainage, it is disaster. And as Leo said, the BBMP is pure lazy.

    Nice post!

    1. It’s sad that monsoons have brought along a bag of miseries. It’s really sad to know that the Delhi museum got flooded. what a loss ! My heart goes out to the parents of these innocent kids. It’s so tragic and disturbing.

  4. Rain brings such a cleansing and refreshing feeling. But bureaucracies and governments usually don’t:) Hope the state government continues to make Bangalore safe and healthy for all.

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