Photo Credit: ratterrell via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ratterrell via Compfight cc

The world would have been a different place if we all were kind and compassionate human beings. Don’t you agree ?  Alas, this remains only a  dream.  Especially  in these modern times due to the fast paced lives  we lead, its difficult to find time for the other. The words kindness, compassion, honesty, respect and integrity are so soothing  to the ears but in reality how often do we put these words into practice in our own lives ?  Very less in my opinion.

I agree that today people have very little time to spare for each other, due to the fast paced way of living. But in our day to day lives if we get the opportunity to do something good for someone, it could be as simple as exchanging a hug or even giving a smile, in my opinion it’s a day well spent.

It not only makes the receiver feel good but you feel good about yourself too.  Having said that the receiver should deserve the kindness and should not mistake your kindness for weakness.

If I look back at my childhood I feel  there were many instances where I had  taken the extra step to help someone. I would like to share an incident from my childhood when I was about  eight years old. I was walking along with my mother and a neighbour friend to the grocery shop to buy some groceries. While we were on our way back, we heard the painful cries of a dog. Since I’m an animal lover it broke my heart to hear the cries continuously.

I felt I had to do something. We followed the noise and soon it was not hard to identify where the noise was  originating from.  I could see a dog with some other puppies moving forward and backward near a drain. When I peeped into the drain I finally saw a young frail puppy with the most innocent eyes. But those eyes were reflecting fear and pain. Fortunately, the drain was dry and it had mostly grass and shrubs growing in it.

Owning a pet dog myself, I couldn’t see the innocent puppy in pain any longer. I couldn’t walk away leaving it behind. I quickly bent down and rescued the puppy from the drain and placed it near its mother. I could see the mother wagging her tail endlessly showing her gratitude. The other puppies which most probably were her siblings were also hopping around in joy.

Though my hands became a little messy because of the filth in the drain,  I didn’t care much about that. Rescuing the puppy was not a herculean task, but my small efforts did make me feel good. I felt that I did something worthwhile that day. It didn’t matter that my efforts were put in for an animal. My greatest reward was to see the puppy hopping around with joy with its mother. If helping an animal brought forth so much joy, what more if it were a human being.

The three of us  headed back home and I got to relish a delicious meal prepared by my mother that night. No act of kindness goes unrewarded no matter how small or big. I take this experience as a lesson in my life and hope to instill these positive  values of kindness and compassion in my son.

Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water – it will create ripples throughout the entire pond. ~ Jessy and Bryan Matteo

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