Home is where the heart is.  It’s a place where you can relax, be comfortable,  savour the surroundings and just be yourself. If  I have to describe our home in two words it would be simple and classic.  However, I  feel that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done and  many changes that still need to be made.  We’ve decided to make the changes when our son grows a little older. Right now he is in a stage where he loves to scribble on walls and make a mess whenever possible.

The coziest part of  our home is the lounge room where we watch movies. It  has a door  that connects to the balcony. When the door is left open, the gush of breeze into the room is relaxing. I can read, watch a nice movie or grab a hot cup of tea and savour the moment here.   There is no doubt that the decorative articles beautify the house.  There are numerous articles at home which are close to my heart. I’ve listed some of my favourite items here.

*  The Papyrus painting –  This was picked up during an egyptian art exhibition which was held in Bangalore many years back. It’s made of Papyrus (Paper).  It’s hung up on the wall in the lounge room and it adds to the beauty of the room. The vibrant colours orange and green brightens  up the room.  I love egyptian art and go bonkers over it.  There is something about them that is so fascinating.  


*  The hookah stands tall in our living room. Though we’ve placed it in the corner it adds to the charm of  the room. This was again picked up from the same egyptian exhibition. The lower part of the hookah is made of glass which is blue in colour with intricate golden designs on it.


*   I love musical instruments and there’s something classy about them. We have an Irish flute placed in the corner of our bar. It has a black and cream combination of colours. It is sleek and the music emitted from it is breath taking.

Irish black flute

*  The scottish painting is another favourite of mine. It was gifted by a family friend who lives in Scotland.  The painting shows a man playing the bagpiper. He’s wearing the traditional scottish dress also known as the highland dress.  The painting also shows the different locations of scotland.

scottish painting

The words in the painting are as follows :

Westering home, and a song in the air,

light in the eye and its goodbye to care;

laughter o’love

and a welcoming there;

Isle of my heart

my own one !

*  I love the bar area in our living room.  The stained glass painting is what attracts me the most. The work is classy and colourful.  It shows a couple of cowboys in a bar having a drink around a table.  Again I just love the colour combinations here.

stained glass

*  Altar a must in every Christian family. I love spending time here.  A place where I find peace and solace. It has a  red light that keeps flickering throughout the day and night.


*  Last but not the least a small wooden ship picked up in Mauritius. To me this ship symbolises love and friendship as this was picked up during our honeymoon. It holds a special place in my heart.


Hope you all liked the items I’ve shared here. I’d love to hear your views in the comment section. 

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