Magic of colours


Have you ever wondered what our world would have been without colours ?  Colours are such an integral part of our lives. They are beautiful and give life to every single being on earth, flowers, fruits , trees and so on.  Each colour symbolises and stands for something different. 

I love colours and cannot restrict myself to any one particular colour. I love bright colours to pastel shades. According to researchers the colour you associate with tells a lot about your personality and reveals something about you as a person. We all have a personality colour. If you are not very sure of your personality colour then look at the clothes you wear. I’ve chosen seven colours today and described each one of them. 

1) Red – A person having a personality colour red is confident and courageous. They are usually practical and grounded.  They crave attention and can be very competetive. They are very enthusiastic and have a passion for life. Red people personalities  can be angered easily and they also calm themselves down easily. They do not hold grudges.

2) Pink – Pink stands for innocence and feminity. According to researchers looking at pink can lower aggression.  People with pink personality are friendly and approachable.  They are also kind, loving, sensitive and sensual.  They are giving sometimes neglecting their own needs.  They need to be self- reliant.

3 ) Black – According to researchers black makes people appear smarter, thinner and authoritative.  A person with a black colour personality is determined and likes to be in control of himself and situations. They gauard their emotions and may have a demanding attitude. 

4 ) Orange –  A person with orange colour personality is flamboyant, charming and free spirited.  They are very socializing too. They love adventure and being outdoors. They can be impatient and unpredictable too.

5) Purple – People who wear purple are perceived as regal or sophisticated. People assume that you are powerful and confident.  A purple personality colour person is sensitive and  puts others before himself or herself. They are free spirited people. They run away from responsibilities. It’s best to avoid wearing purple during an interview or you would be perceived as arrogant.

6 ) Green – Green is the  colour of nature. It creates the impression of calm and stability.  People with green colour personality are calm, kind and generous.  They love nature. They could be jealous at times.  It’s good to wear green when you are going to meet an angry boss. Green can be worn for important meetings ( dark green not bright green). Green shows that you are a good team player too.

7) Blue – Blue makes people appear calm and smart. It evokes feelings of happiness.  People with this personality colour are trust- worthy, genuine and sincere.  They are sensitive to the needs of others.  They can be quite emotional at times and don’t like to draw attention to themselves.  You are more likely to get the job if you wear navy blue for an interview.

Dear readers do share your personality colour.

29 thoughts on “Magic of colours

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  1. Diana, u prompting me to google my color personality now. My favorite been white for its purity, black for beautiful and now adding red for passion and romance:) all colors are beautiful, I feel.

  2. My wardrobe is filled with earthy colours – browns, maroons and blacks. Sometimes my mood determines the colour I wear. Interesting to find personality traits associated with colours, Diana.

    Joy always,

  3. I think I’m a red and sometimes I’m a blue I think…I love posts like this which make me think about my personality! I should do more research….hmmm….. 🙂

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