My bucket list was too long.  It was difficult to shortlist only seven. 


1) Visiting Jerusalem – I have a dream to visit Jerusalem the ‘ Holy land’. As we all know the place has a special significance to Christians. I’d also like to visit Bethlehem which is the birthplace of Jesus, Golgotha also called calvary, sea of Galilee and mount of temptation are on my list.  I’m sure it would be one of a kind experience.


2) Visiting Egypt – This country has always captured my heart. Here I would like to visit one of the seven wonders of the world ‘ the  Pyramids of Egypt ‘. There is an aura of mystery about these pyramid shaped structures. I would like to explore every inch of it.  The most famous pyramids are found at Giza at the outskirts of Cairo.

3) Getting published – Every blogger and writer has a dream to get his or her work published. I have a similar wish too. I’d like to see my work published and it could be as small as a short story or a collections of poems.

4) Get one thousand followers – We bloggers  get a high when we receive  honest comments for our articles, and also when we gain a new follower.  We feel appreciated for our work.  I hope I could reach the target of one thousand followers . It’s difficult but possible 🙂  So keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s hope for the best 🙂

5) Join a dance group – Since dancing has been one of my old interests, I would like to carry this interest forward by joining a dance group and by learning  various forms of dancing.  It’s a great form of  expression which keeps both the body, mind and soul healthy.


6)  Doing something scary is quite a challenge – I’m scared of being under water for long.  I think it’s suffocating. So, to overcome this fear I hope to learn swimming someday.  After I learn the art of swimming, I’d like to challenge myself to swim in the waters of the sea 🙂

7) Learn to play the piano – It’s good to learn to play a musical instrument in our lifetime. I love the music emitted from the Piano and hoping to master the instrument someday. It looks classical too 🙂

So, here was my bucket list.  I’d love to know about yours too. Do share your views.

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