Dear mother


You brought us into this world

holding our hands every step of the way

You were with us through rough patches of life

A pillar of strength toiling for us night and day

A caring and a loving heart you have

to me you are a person most special

we’ve been blessed to have a precious mother like you

you’d always be my guardian angel

We’ve created beautiful memories through the years gone by

we’ve enjoyed life’s best moments together which money couldn’t buy

you’ve always been my best friend and my greatest supporter

In times of trouble I know who to turn to

It’s no one else but you Mother

You’ve seen us through difficult times

 guided us and given us the best advice you could

showered us with your endless and unconditional love

 God would surely bestow you with his choicest blessings from up above


15 thoughts on “Dear mother

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  1. Mothers scold us with so much love,
    The heart of a mother is the most genuine and beautiful.
    She cares for us and will go to the extent of protecting us.
    The education dispensed by a mother render universities meaningless.
    Perfect tribute to mom, Diana.
    God bless U:)

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